Enjoying The Sexual Frustration of Tease and Denial

By: Domina Cinara - January 31st, 2010

For a good dominatrix, the chastity belt and cock cage aren’t necessity…
A well trained male slave will do as he is told.
But that doesn’t mean such devices aren’t fun to use in male chastity…
They have a wonderful effect on the slave… and look so very cute on him!


Orgasm Denial

(By: Domina Cinara) Picking up where I abruptly left off in my last post – tease and denial – here’s the rest of what I was saying…

Tease and Denial Dominatrix CinaraThe sexual frustration that comes from losing control of your cock is the result of being kept in a prolonged state of intense sexual arousal. This can come in the form of a single night’s cock stroking to the tease and denial games of a masturbatrix… or a series of sessions spanning days or even weeks of long term orgasm denial that may include regular cock stroking with no release, or no masturbation at all ( – forced male chastity).

In the first case, the objective is to tease and manipulate the slave to the very edge of orgasm and ride it for as long as the masturbatrix decides… hovering in that intensely sensitive, euphoric state a man enters just before he cums, and enjoying it far longer than one would if the act of masturbation were to follow it‘s normal course. The problem is that as with anything, there is a point where even something really good can be too much. Enjoyment gives way to need and then desperation as pain begins to mix more and more with the pleasure. Relief can only come with an orgasm, and denial of that will end in nothing but pain in the form of what’s commonly known as “blue balls” (a conclusion that some actually want, and however painful, do also enjoy – again, the feelings of female domination and sexual frustration, this time amplified by a greater degree of masochism). Another possible ending other than blue balls is what’s called a “ruined orgasm”, where the man is allowed to cum but told to stop stroking his cock just as the orgasm arrives, thus robbing him of the full enjoyment of his climax, leaving him feeling finished, but unfulfilled… and since he didn’t really get what he wanted – also left feeling very submissive and used.

In the second case, the objective is to trap the male slave in a constant world of sexual frustration through the long term employment of orgasm denial. This can be reached through anything from very regular teasing, to completely shutting down all of the man’s sexual activities. Regular teasing could consist of things like a series of tease and denial games covering many sessions, sometimes allowing the male slave to touch himself, sometimes allowing him nothing more than imagining being able to do so… or just talking a lot about sex while he can’t do anything at all – thus keeping sex and masturbation heavy on his mind while denying it to him. Shutting down degrees of his sexuality can include forced male chastity through the employment of devices like a cock cage or full chastity belt… to telling him he can’t touch himself and must put any sexual thoughts out of his mind (sometimes some kind of mantra is used here, like having him say or think of something revolting whenever he has a sexual thought, etc.), and then ignoring him completely for as long as the masturbatrix chooses.

Like I’ve said, how this is all done depends on many factors… elements that often build upon one another creating the overall atmosphere the male slave is immersed in.

The chosen tone of the masturbatrix is fundamental in all of this. While the femdom nature of the fetish is constant, how it is approached can range from mild, sexy cock teasing with fleeting promises of reward whispered in a soft voice that playfully says it can’t wait to see it happen… commands to masturbate while suffering scathing verbal abuse and ridicule, concluding in the ultimate humiliation of being remorselessly laughed while the cum leaks pathetically from you in a ruined orgasm… cold, cruel games of manipulation and crushing orgasm denial where the male slave is made to feel like worthless shit that will never, ever cum. There are almost as many ways to play tease and denial games with a man as there are ways to fuck with the fragile male ego.

This is only a fragment of the reasons why men like orgasm denial… and it barely touches on all the femdom games a masturbatrix can play at her victim’s expense.

As for “why wouldn’t the guy just cum anyway when he wants to?”… because if a guy is really into this fetish, “doing what you want” ruins much of his masochistic fun. That’s not to say some don’t give in and release… but it should be noted that most who do tell their masturbatrix what it is the have done… in large part in anticipation of the punishment they expect and even want to receive.

That’s enough on the subject of tease and denial for now though… before it turns into an epic (my long time readers know I sometimes go post after post on a subject ~grinz~)… it’s not like I won’t be talking a hell of a lot about this in the future anyway, so we’ve got time.

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If you think you’re going to cum anytime soon… you’re kidding yourself.
I’m not teasing you so I can give you an incredible orgasm in the end.
I’m teasing you because the more I build up that want to orgasm in you…
The more fun it’s going to be when I’m finished with you…
When I step all over your hopes, laughing as I say “no” just before I hang up the phone ~laughs~

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