In the Throne Room of a Foot Fetish Goddess

By: Domina Cinara - February 7th, 2010

From what I write in my femdom stories, my tastes should be pretty obvious.
And as a strapon Domina, you already know one fetish I truly love.
But the realm of female domination is full of many sexual possibilities to explore.
Foot worship is one that many women welcome and enjoy…
Since most every female loves to have her beautiful feet pampered.


Dominatrix Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) When I left off I was talking about my first serious experiences with foot worship (torture being a subject I was already well acquainted with)… and I had mentioned a certain ebony dominatrix I knew who was a foot fetish specialist.

As I was saying, this woman was a tall dominatrix like me… maybe an inch shorter than I am… with long, lean legs and beautifully delicate, sexy feet. Her skin was a very dark, rich color… a deep, even tone that made the shades of nail polish she wore stand out all the more intensely. Never once did I see this ebony dominatrix with her nails anything short of perfectly painted, and her toes and feet always looked like she had just had a professional pedicure. She was dedicated to her fetish… not just for the sake of her foot slaves, but out of her own personal preferences. She was a true foot Goddess in every sense of the expression.

I remember one time I visited her at her private femdom dungeon. Like many such places, there were a number of rooms, each dedicated to a specific fetish in it’s own unique way (including this amazing foot torture chamber that I have to tell you about sometime in future femdom stories). One of these chambers was literally a throne room, with columns, raised dais, wall hangings, everything. The throne itself wasn’t the typical medieval style chair you see in the movies, she instead opted for a Roman style couch she could lounge on. This allowed her plenty of room to stretch out the full length of her tall dominatrix body in complete luxury, including those gorgeous long legs, while leaving her plenty of room to dangle her feet off the sides and tease the foot fetish slaves that would be allowed to attend her there.

And when I say attend her… I do very much mean it. This ebony foot Goddess spent much of her leisure time in this room, and when she had guests to entertain, this was the place she favored for receiving them. She had additional Roman couches ready to be brought in for her friends, and she always made sure her visitors were well taken care of. Rarely did she have just one foot slave in there with her, usually the number was closer to half a dozen, with that growing as high as a full dozen slaves when multiple guests came to call.

These would buzz around her like devoted little bees, seeing to her every need. Not just the expected foot worship and toe sucking, but often the care of her entire body… feet, legs, hands, arms, back… massaging muscles, rubbing in lotion, licking and sucking toes and heels clean, shaving with utmost care, filing, polishing, anything she desired… along with slaves bringing her food and drink, fanning her, holding the phone perfectly to her ear, holding books and magazines for her to read… everything. The acts of worship performed by her slaves were so over the top, it was fantastic to behold. Literally the epitome of pure feminine decadence, female superiority, and the unbridled exploitation of the inferior male.

When in her throne room, punishment centered on the extreme denial of foot worship. While forced toe sucking is a favorite means of discipline for many women, she knew that denial has a much more profound effect on the true fetish devotee. She would make the bad slave kneel on the steps of the dais – about 4 feet from her – and not allow him to attend her. He would have to watch all the other slaves serving their dominatrix while he wound not be allowed to move or speak at all. And she would intentionally play the most nasty foot tease games with him, often stretching out her leg to dangle a foot just outside the reach of his lips, pretending to not notice him there as she did it. These kinds of tease and denial games wore her victims down very quickly… but she always let the punishment run far longer than needed to break the slave down… just because she enjoyed the extreme misery this kind of sexy foot tease causes for these men.

More soon…

Domina Cinara
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You‘d think forced toe sucking would be a favorite of mine…
And you‘d be right ~grinz~
But I also love that gentle pampering kind of foot worship…
That can leave even the most cruel Domina feeling nothing but warm and relaxed.

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