Want To Know What I Like About Orgasm Denial?

By: Domina Cinara - February 12th, 2010

So you want me to take total control over that cock, do you?
Well, I’d better warn you… the kind of tease and denial games I play…
Are all about you being frustrated and needy, and me enjoying it.
And I will slap you the hell down if you bitch once about it.


Orgasm Denial

(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) So yesterday I mentioned something in passing about long term orgasm denial and a couple of male chastity slaves I’ve been making suffer horribly these last few weeks. Boy did that get a response ~laughs~. All these IMs start coming in from guys begging for my “help”… chronic cock strokers who need masturbatrix Cinara to take control of their bad behavior and bring a little penis discipline into their pathetic lives.

I love it when men beg me to be cruel to them… it’s so friggin’ sexy!

But I get these questions about what “type” of orgasm denial I like to do, and what style of tease and denial games I like to play… as if it’s expected a masturbatrix comes with a limited menu.

It’s not a matter of type or style… it’s a matter of control. For me, the possible means to achieving female domination through orgasm denial isn’t limited to a few different training approaches and a handful of techniques. That’s not just because I’m a lot more creative than that… it’s also because if I did things the same way over and over again, that would be like eating the same meal every day. It might have been your favorite at one time, but if it becomes routine, it gets boring real fast.

I don’t like being bored… I enjoy this shit and want to have fun with it. Sometimes I like having things very structured (especially when something like key holding or chastity belt punishment is involved)… other times I like to just run with it, reacting from moment to moment to how the guy is reacting to me. I like to be creative and involved, and I don’t lack the confidence to get the results I desire.

This applies to both tease and denial games played during a single phone sex session… and techniques used in long term slave training.

With long term orgasm denial, I guess I could describe it this way… sometimes I like to let my fist close slowly around a man, engulfing him almost without him realizing is, making him fall helplessly under my control in so subtle a way that when I finally let reality hit, it’s like his world fell out from under him.

Other times I like to just reach out and grab the guy immediately, leaving him no options from the very start… coldly crushing him in strict femdom orgasm denial with no care at all. Brutal, uncompromising female domination like a hammer falling repeatedly, smashing him down until all that is left is whatever I decide should remain, and whatever I choose to build in him.

And there are plenty of other options between each extreme.

Whatever my approach, by the time I’m done I intend to have that fist closed so tight around him that I’ve become an obsession, with my every whim being his utmost desire. That’s how bad he needs to please me… how much he is thinking about me… and how completely I own not just his cock, but every aspect of him I choose.

In terms of tease and denial games and techniques used to achieve this… if you’re going to really manipulate a man and truly take cock control… you’ve got to get deep inside of his head so he’s totally overwhelmed. You can’t do this the same way with every guy. You’ve got to pick him apart and see what makes him tick.

That’s what I enjoy doing.

Hell, so long as I get what I want and have fun doing it… why would I care if he ever has another orgasm again?

No… I’m not kidding.

Domina Cinara
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What I’ve described here isn’t limited to just orgasm denial.
The same basic principles apply to female domination across the board.
Especially in terms of the goals set by the dominatrix…
And the general techniques used to make a man the slave he should be.

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