Guided Masturbation – Forced To Stroke On My Order

By: Domina Cinara - March 6th, 2010

A masturbatrix is a type of dominatrix… specializing in guided cock stroking.
But my definition of that title goes far beyond just telling you how to jerk off.
When I take control of a cock, it’s owned by me… and I intend to enjoy it.


Forced Masturbation

(By: Domina Cinara) One of the most common types of phone sex calls I do is guided masturbation, which makes sense considering the medium through which we’re interacting.

But I’m more than just a beautifully cruel dominatrix who knows how to use her sexy voice and perverted mind to make men beg to play with themselves for me… lying there, listening to their delightful suffering as I tease them to that point where they would do anything for an orgasm. Sure, it‘s a lot of fun for me to do… but I have so much more in mind for my possessions.

For me, femdom guided masturbation is the first step to a man giving up total control of his cock to my lasting ownership. When I’ve forced him to submit his sexuality to me, then I really get to play.

For example… I like to make men masturbate for me.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – like guys don’t beg to do that for me plenty already ~laughs~. No, that’s not what I’m talking about.

What I mean is forced masturbation… I like to make men to masturbate at my command… immediately… dropping anything and everything to jerk off the instant I tell them to.

No matter the time of day… no matter where they are… a message or call from me… and out comes that penis.

If you have to hide it under the desk at work, run to a dirty public bathroom stall, lie to the wife and “go out for groceries” so you can jerk off in the car… I don’t fucking care. You get the command, and the cock stroking begins the instant I say so.

Sometimes it’s just a simple message from me, telling them to go off and jerk it. I’ll just order them to go do it now, specifying if they’re allowed to cum, or if they’re to bring themselves to the edge of orgasm and stop (sometimes I throw in a ruined orgasm just to be a real bitch ~laughs~).

Other times I’ll take them on a full guided masturbation session, forcing them to obey… with how well they follow my commands influencing whether they get permission to cum, or are punished with orgasm denial… or worse.

The result is obviously a more intense form of guided cock stroking… both for the slave and the masturbatrix.

For the guy, it’s a mad rush… the more unexpected the timing of the call, the greater the intensity and excitement for him… especially since the knowledge that he may be called at any time keeps the thought constantly in the back of his head… building anticipation and helplessness, and with that, his state of arousal.

And as for me… forced masturbation is always a lot of fun. If I get the slave boy at just the “right“ moment, it can be flat out hilarious listening to him panic and rush about… but regardless of that… the ruthless level of cock control I have in this kind of femdom session I totally love.

~ ~ ~

If the thought of doing something like this excites you, you should contact me.

I do a semi-scheduled version of forced masturbation with my phone sex callers that we can talk about.

What happens is… the guided masturbation session is setup in advance, everything except the actual time of the call. The only notice you get is the period within which it will occur – usually within 5 or 7 days after we talk… with some reasonable limitations placed on the possible times it could happen just to keep things from getting ridiculous. Then you wait for it to happen… which means you’d better prepare yourself for it, and manage your schedule wisely.

Arranging for multiple or even daily guided masturbation calls at times I choose is possible too… as are prearranged scenarios and fantasies. As long as it sounds interesting to me, I’m willing to listen so don’t be shy ~grinz~.

Masturbatrix Cinara
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Forced Masturbation Phone Sex

Beyond the simple cock control your common masturbatrix babbles about…
I want a truly tyrannical ownership of the male slave penis.
The cock existing to fulfill my whim, available at my every beck and call…
Will I punish or will I pleasure? I’ll do whatever the hell I want to you! ~laughs~

Masturbation Dominatrix

Young, Sexy Voice… Uncompromising Sexual Appetite – Domina Cinara – 1-877-274-8292
You’re Going To Jerk Off By My Command… Stroking Exactly The Way I Want You To.
I Am Your Masturbation Dominatrix… And You Will Obey.

Call Me Now… And I’ll Show You How Good An Orgasm Can Really Be…
When You’re Forced To Cum At The Command Of A Beautiful, Dominant Woman.

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