He Said He Could Handle Brutal CBT… He Was Wrong

By: Domina Cinara - March 7th, 2010

Men like to think they are so very rough and tough…
A nice dose of cock and ball torture brings them back to reality very quickly.
Guess it’s hard to be macho when you’re curled up in a ball crying.
Scared shitless that my thigh high boots might stomp whatever’s left.


Brutal CBT

(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) I thought I’d tell you the story of this dominatrix phone sex call I did last night. Think of it as more of a short cautionary tale than truly one of my femdom stories… a lesson taught and now shared with the class ~grinz~.

So, this guy gets on the phone and immediately tells me he is into brutal CBT and “all kinds of extreme femdom shit.”

Extreme Femdom TortureOh, really ~smiles so sweet~

Now, when I do cock and ball torture… I keep things within limits that fit the male slave I’m with. If he tells me he’s new to CBT, we start off easy… if he says he’s experienced, then I test him to see where he’s really at before taking his claims seriously.

What one person thinks is extreme, may be far different from what another does… and if that other person’s definition is a lot more extreme than yours, you’re in for one hell of an eye opening education ~laughs~.

Any time torture of any form is involved in a femdom session, the dominatrix has to find her own answers regarding the limits of a slave she isn’t familiar with. The line he draws is not the limit… you pull it back even more and see what’s really up before pushing.

But the guy on this particular phone sex call, was all kinds of cocky… big mouth bragging about how he could “handle the most extreme cock and ball torture Domina Cinara can dish out.”

Oh, REALLY ~smiles sweeter~

You want to mouth off… fine… we’ll see who laughs last.

Seems someone needed to be taught a little lesson… in femdom ballbusting… in humility… and most of all, in the proper way to talk to a Domina.

If we had been face to face I would have shown him very quickly just how brutal CBT can be… with him bound and gagged, and me beating and tearing his cock and balls to shreds.

Seriously, you think that little squiggly shit you’ve got between your legs is going to survive the two fisted abuse of a cruel dominatrix in long leather gloves who doesn’t give a crap in hell how loud you scream!?! ~laughs~ And I haven’t even broken out the thigh high boots that are the other half of my favored cock and ball torture ensemble. Once you see those leather clad long legs coming to hurt you, you’ll fast admit the error of your ways… that and probably piss yourself.

But since we were on the phone, I was limited to what I could order him to do to himself… and since we were on the phone, he could stop whenever his full of shit pussy ass couldn’t take it anymore.

We started the femdom CBT off simple… rope bondage around the penis and testicles… sack tied up nice and tight with the bottom half of the cock wrapped and constricted. And of course, I had to have him slap that small package around a bit after he was done, just to make sure the cock and ball bondage would hold ~smiles~

Then I jumped ahead to the sandpaper… can’t have a messy little penis now, can we? A piece of sandpaper, vigorously applied to his cock and balls, slowly removed every offending hair, along with the top layer of skin.

This was followed by a few hard smacks to the testicles with a bare hand… then more than a few harder smacks to the head of the cock with a wooden spoon (had to work with what he had on hand)… and closing with half a dozen ballbusting smacks directly to each testicle with the handle.

Next, a substantial quantity of cayenne pepper mixed with just enough water to create a paste. Paste then applied to freshly sandpapered cock and balls.

Wait for it… wait for it… and yes, such lovely sounds emanate from the male vocal chords when the burn sets in ~grinz~

~turns the sarcasm on~ But that’s not enough… of course not… not for a guy who’s into “brutal CBT” and says he “can handle the most extreme cock and ball torture Domina Cinara can dish out.”

Leftover cayenne paste repeatedly forced into the penis until – what he claimed was “a tablespoon” – had been forced down the shaft. Yeah, right… “tablespoon”… my sweet shaven cunt.

But now this was where we started to have some difficulty.

Prior to this he had gone along with things pretty well. There was some hesitation during the wooden spoon ballbusting… and I heard the first hints of fear in his sweet gasps of pain when the pepper burn kicked in all over his privates. But when the paste was forced into his cock, that’s when the truth of this blowhard was fully exposed… just as I already knew, he wasn’t near as extreme as his babbling bravado claimed.

What a bunch of whining – “Oh, Domina… isn’t that enough… oh my god, this is killing me… oh, please… there’s so much in there… it‘s burning so bad”… blah, blah, blah. And this wasn’t even close to the kind of brutal CBT that gets my sadistic side happy… not by a long shot.

I told him to shut up and be thankful I wasn’t there… that if I was, I’d take the spike heel of my thigh high boot and ram it down his penis, shoving the pepper in as far as it would go.

And of course this was when I finally let loose with the insults.

Cock BitingUntil then I’d said nothing about his tough guy claims. I just proceeded with the cock and ball torture in a cold, methodical way, waiting until the moment I wanted arrived. And now that it had, I ripped into him fully… mocking his bogus claims of being such an experienced femdom CBT player… the extreme pain slut able to handle anything I could dish out.

And once that fragile male pride had been kicked soundly by a woman who holding it in nothing but contempt, the man just has to get himself into more trouble. It always goes that way, like some kind of twisted self-destructive masculine reflex reaction. When I threw his words back at him, of course he had to continue the session. He had to “prove” himself to the dominatrix… but he didn’t get much farther ~laughs~. It was then I dropped the hammer on him, literally… and smashed that inflated ego for good.

Counting the number of times I heard the hammer hit the nails… I’d say he maybe got one in as far as I wanted, a second about half way, and a third not really at all. Then he gave up… begging forgiveness as he admitted he was a stupid male slave that liked to talk shit about brutal CBT… with his scrotum painfully nailed to a board.

But the story doesn’t end there. As punishment I made him rip the nails out – ah, what lovely screams!!! ~smiles dreamy~ – and he had to buy the right to remove each one ~laughs~ $200 each. I wanted to torture him more but he was crying enough already, and he’d learned his lesson plenty.

I mean really… what did this idiot think was going to happen to him, especially when we’re talking about brutal CBT? And truth be told, what I did was what he was hoping for anyway. I have no problem knocking down a man who is trying to bait me, so long as it’s worth my time and I enjoy doing it ~laughs~. As much as he cried and got more than he expected, he loved every bit of it.

He’s in orgasm denial right now – else he’d still be jerking off to what I did to him. When he heals a little, he’ll begin his training under me at a level fitting the sort of pathetic crybaby slave he is.

Here endeth the CBT story… don’t get cocky with a dominatrix who gets off on sadism… especially when your cock and balls are involved.

Domina Cinara
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To both masochist and sadist, the thought of brutal CBT is exciting.
But it’s not just hurting men that is so enjoyable… so very enjoyable ~laughs~
It’s also training the man, building him to take more and more extreme femdom torture.

Dominatrix Phone Sex

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Brutal CBT

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