Single Tail Whip Punishment – Broken Hand or Not

By: Domina Cinara - March 25th, 2010

The single tail whip is another classic symbol of female domination.
The black leather length coiled at the side a cruel dominatrix.
An object normally associated with pain, suffering and slavery…
Takes on the additional tone of something intensely and dangerously sexy.


Female Domination

(By: Domina Cinara) So my hand is getting better… I think. Still hurts when I try to do things but what the hell. I got sick of having the cast on so I cut it off myself… besides, there’s nothing sexy about one of those things ~winks~.

My puppy slave has been taking care of me… awe!… I had to expand her duties a bit beyond her normal puppy training. Biggest hassle most have with a cast is not getting it wet when they bathe… that’s not a problem for me since puppy often gets in the shower with me anyway… she’s just been bathing me fully now ~grinz~. Puppy slut gives such wonderfully thorough tongue baths… she knows to give extra special attention to all the good spots.

There’s a male slave in the area that I’ve known for a few years. I’ve done female domination sessions with him in the past – nothing long term, just single scenes when I was here visiting. Now that I’ve moved back east I’ve been training him more seriously… and boy does he need it. He was scheduled for punishment this past week, and when I broke my hand I think he figured he had gotten some sort of a “stay of execution”.

Big wrong there.

I love leather whips… as much as I love strapons but in a different way. A leather whip is like a wonderful close friend a dominatrix loves with deep affection… a strapon is more an extension of herself. So it’s not so much “love” one more than the other, it’s just a different feeling, at least for me

The thing is… I’ve trained very heavily in the use of whips… everything from nasty little flicker whips to long braided single tail whips. They make me happy and I love to hold them… kinda like a little girl with her favorite dolly ~laughs~.

Back when I was a teenager I saw a professional dominatrix totally go off on a bound male slave with one leather whip in each hand. It was like watching a femdom BDSM version of one of those heavily choreographed kung-fu movies… the pair of single tail whips spinning and lashing out in perfect time with absolute control. She could shift from tease to torture and back again in the blink of an eye, the lengths of leather literally dancing in her hands. I totally wanted to learn how to do that, and when I put my mind to something it happens. She was a lesbian and I’m hot so in no time I was in bed with her and she was happily giving me regular lessons in a variety of different whips and whipping styles, demonstrated and practiced on the naked bodies her male slave clients (I think I was around 17 at the time and she was well over 40 ~laughs~… but damn did it get my pussy wet watching her whip men).

I feel myself slipping into a long dominatrix story here, detailing my history with the whip… I’m going to cut that short before I go off on a long tangent – that story will have to wait for another day. Besides, my hand still hurts if I type too much. Suffice it to say for now, what started with fascination at how this professional dominatrix could wield a pair of single tail whips, with years of practice developed into me becoming even better than she was.

When it comes to whips I’m totally ambidextrous. I can use one with my left hand just as well as with my right. Or in other words, a broken right hand isn’t going to stop a thing. If anything, it’s just going to make the femdom punishment I dish out all the more extreme.

And that’s exactly what happened to that male slave when he came to me.

Boy did I fucking light up his body. No floggers, flickers, crops or any of that bullshit. 6 foot single tail whip right away. He looked like he was going to shit himself when he saw that leather snake uncoil in front of him… he was already tied up and gagged so what the hell was he going to do ~laughs~. I started on his back but I decided to let out all of my anger over my broken hand on him, and so it turned into a full body whipping. Puppy slave would normally be so excited to see something like that, almost bouncing around the room… but I think in this case she was more relieved. I think she’s been worried I was going to vent on her. She’s been burying her face between my legs every chance she gets, trying to keep me happy and relaxed ~laughs~. (Puppy slave screams and cries so wonderfully when she’s whipped… those full body sobs female slaves make that are so damn hot and delicious… the heavy use of a leather whip is a mixed love/hate thing with her… I’d say she’s a reluctant pain slut ~grinz~).

I let puppy slut jerk him off when the femdom punishment session was done. I didn’t let her use her mouth on him, I wanted her to give him a really rough hand job so he wouldn’t mistake the orgasm as some sort of “loving reward”… besides, he was half out of it by then, so her hard cock stroking helped bring him back around. No ruined orgasm or anything like that, I knew his body was fully charged and alive after the whipping, so I wanted the cum to explode from him. It did, and she caught it in a glass and then I force fed it to him.

What kind of dominatrix would I be if I didn’t make sure my male sex slaves got every bit of protein their bodies need? ~laughs~ It’s not forced cum eating… it’s good nutritional care of my livestock.

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