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By: Domina Cinara - April 14th, 2010

As a humiliatrix, I wonder what it must be like to be a guy with a small penis?
When you were going through puberty, did you pray each night for it to get bigger?
Did you cry and curse the big dick fairy godmother for not coming to bless you with a real cock?
And when did you finally give up and embrace small penis humiliation as your way of life?
Was it in the locker room in school… or the first time a girl laughed you out of bed?



(By: Domina Cinara) I love looking at these small penis humiliation websites… the ones where guys post pictures of their tiny cocks so women like me can have fun laughing at them.

humiliatrix nika

Like every single one of these shrimp dick losers asks the same questions – “Do you think I could satisfy a woman with my small cock?” or “Is there any woman out there who would want my small penis?” – as if the answer wasn’t obvious. Put it this way stupid… if you’ve got so little down there that it’s hard for you to even masturbate, what idiot delusion would ever dare make you hope a woman could enjoy that ridiculous joke you’ve got between your legs? If you haven’t got enough cock for proper stroking, you don’t have near enough to be worth a woman’s time.

Seriously… why do you think so many women are experimenting with bisexuality and going lesbian? It’s not that they don’t want to be penetrated – they love strapon sex… trust me, I fuck enough of them ~grinz~. It’s that they’re tired of wasting their time with guys who simply do not measure up. The days of micro male charity and arranged marriages are over, little boy. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks… if you’ve got no cock, then you must have a pussy ~laughs~.

And most of the guys posting pictures to these small penis humiliation sites are big fat hairy slobs too – like that’s really helping things when it comes to getting a woman to have sex with you, you stupid shit. Try skipping the “nachos mucho grande” and eat a carrot for once in your bloated cesspit of a life and maybe at least you’d have a shot at a date with a girl… even if it’s still only going to end in humiliation for you and disappointment for her (unless she’s a closet humiliatrix, in which case she’s going to get a good laugh at least).

Half the time you can’t even see their cocks because they’re hidden in this ugly mess of pubes and fat rolls. Some ask if they should shave the hair off so the penis can actually be seen, as if that‘s going to help things. My thought is – if you’re cock is so small that it gets lost in your pubic hair, all shaving is going to do is make you look even more like you missed the puberty boat. At least if you have hair down there, your penis will have someplace to hide in shame. (Though I do often make my small cock humiliation boys shave that shit, since I do want to see how small they really are – makes it easier to actually see the tiny little thing during humiliatrix webcam sessions ~laughs~.)

I constantly get small penis humiliation pictures sent to me by dominatrix and humiliatrix friends. We have whole mail groups dedicated to stuff like this where we swap pictures and forward comments to laugh over. The stories girls tell about these guys are hilarious too, especially the public humiliation scenes which are always a favorite of mine. Yeah, girls can be very mean… imagine whole groups of like 100+ women laughing at pictures of your small cock… forwarding insult after insult in response to what they see. We’ve had humiliatrix contests to see who can come up with the best male humiliation captions for the really choice ones.

We never know who these guys are since the upper body is cut off in the pictures and no real names are given… and the focus of the shot is so small that it’s not like there are any distinguishing marks for identification ~laughs~. But who cares… none have enough penis on them to make a lasting impression anyway ~laughs~. The jokes and stories we tell each other are the only thing worth remembering.

Humiliatrix Cinara
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Guys who are seriously into male humiliation always get off on the idea of public exposure.
And I love setting them up for the embarrassment they both want and deserve.
Back in high school I made this boy to expose himself while making a speech on stage.
At first the audience started laughing because he dropped his pants…
Then they were all pointing at how small his cock was… that’s when they really started laughing.
His parents had to pull him out of school ~laughs her ass off~ it was so great!

humiliatrix amy

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