Sexual Impalement – My Love Of Extreme Anal Sex

By: Domina Cinara - April 29th, 2010

Don‘t be such a bunch of scared little pussy boys.
I don’t spend all of my time beating male slaves into broken lumps of quivering flesh.
I enjoy my pets in a wide variety of ways… from soft fetish to extreme torture.
And they each worship and serve me the best they can, as fitting the Goddess I am.


Anal Impalement

(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) I started talking about this in an earlier post – Femdom Stories – Anal Impalement – and said I would get into greater detail in the future… well, here ya go.

My sexual fantasies span quite a number of extreme fetish subjects. One of those is impalement… specifically through forced anal insertion.

There’s just something so hot about slowly impaling a helpless slave on a long, thick rod… their hands locked in chains, arms stretched out above them… legs left free for them to kick and struggle – dancing on the stake… naked body very slowly lowered, allowing their own body weight to drive the pole in.

machine-impalement~grinz wicked evil~ The thought of stuff like that gets me wet so easily.

I know most people think it sounds sick to be into something like that ~laughs~… but as I said, there’s all kinds of heavy shit I get off on. I love to masturbate to nasty fetish pictures and extreme femdom stories about impalement, hanging, racking, etc… sometimes I plant my puppy slave’s face between my legs while I sit there happily lost in these torture fantasies.

I think what I like really isn’t so much the “death” aspect… but the extreme fear. I devour fear and it turns me on in exactly the way you’d expect it would a sadistic dominatrix. The idea of sexual impalement – the victim led to the stake… the look in their eyes when they first see the pole… the pleas for mercy that rush from their lips… eyes going frantic as they’re bent over, or lowered onto the stake… the cries when it first goes in… the frenzied struggles and pathetic screams as it’s forced deeper and deeper inside… mmhhmmmmmm ~grinz and laughs~. I keep writing like that and I’ll be typing with one hand.

I’ve obviously never been involved with a true impalement in real life – by that I mean the historical form of brutal torture and execution. But I have done “safe” versions of the fully developed fetish form, where the act is staged in a very controlled setting. Consider it a type of extreme sexual role-play where the impalement and events surrounding it are recreated in an intensely erotic way.

There are all kinds of examples I could give… things I’ve done myself or with groups of others, to live BDSM shows I’ve watched, etc… lots of good femdom stories to be told ~grinz~. Sometimes these scenes can have a very heavy theatrical element – like a whole party centered around the sexual impalement (or hanging, etc.) of a slave, with everyone taking a part in the drama as it unfolds (yeah, lots of twisted underground BDSM parties go on in the city where things get really wild… someday I‘ll tell you about the crucifixion I watched). Literally a fully developed extreme fantasy.

There are many ways to sexually enjoy extreme torture without causing extreme damage… it’s all about creating an atmosphere that feeds the fetish and fantasy… pushing limits to create an intense scene without crossing the line.

That’s not to say this cannot be dangerous… depending on how the impalement is staged and how intense you want things to get, it can be very risky. Those setting things up have to really know what they are doing – this isn’t a fetish for the clueless to mess around with… both in terms of those staging the event, and those being the focus of it.

But there are other ways to enjoy this fetish in far simpler ways, that while not developing the concept as fully, still touch on it nicely. Consider something like a spreader bar set between the ankles, with a pole running up between the legs. A good sized dildo attached to the top of the pole and inserted into the anus or pussy, with the base of the pole locked to the spreader bar… the end result being an upside down “T” with the point deep inside of the slave (you can even make it adjustable so you can slide the pole up by inches or half inches once it‘s in place). Leave the slave standing with his hands in some sort of bondage (arms above head is most common, but tied behind the back can be very interesting due to balance issues), and there are all kinds of things you can do then… a leather whip comes to my mind right away… some seriously brutal CBT can be very evil in this position… or if the slave is female and you put the “impalement pole” into her pussy, you can fuck her ass with a strapon, stuffing her fully. (Trust me, that’s a lesbian domination scene I’ve enjoyed often… I will tell some stories about that soon.)

Fucking machines can also be incorporated into sexual impalement very easily. The impersonal, unforgiving nature of a machine adds greatly to the sense of helplessness and fear, especially when coupled with bondage and a gag (or a hood). It’s not a dominatrix driving the dildo in and out of your ass, it’s this cold mechanical thing that has no sense of the frailty of a human being… and you’re trapped as it violates you repeatedly.

I’ve seen slaves cum incredibly hard from such penetration. The prostate stimulation obviously contributing to the intensity of the orgasm, along with the immersion in an extreme fetish setting that overwhelms their senses. Not just their cocks gushing cum, but also anal orgasms so powerful that they’ve been left almost completely spent, sagging helplessly upon the dildo/pole that’s inside of them.

And obviously, my interest in sexual impalement fits right in with my love of strapon sex and anal fisting ~grinz~. In this case, the pole they are to be impaled upon is a part of me… with their suffering body trapped on the end of my huge cock. Slip me into a tight harness with a long, thick dildo hanging down heavy between my legs and I feel like I’m armed for battle ~laughs~… ready to ass fuck any man into total submission.

(Keep getting phone sex calls so I’m going to cut this off here for now.)

I’ll write more on this soon…

Update – here’s something else I’ve since written on this fetish – Sexual Impalement Stories

Strapon Domina Cinara
Femdom StoriesErotic Audio
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When I die I know I am going to hell.
An eternity of inflicting sexual torture on helpless souls is the reward I expect.
I’ll be an arch-demoness with no limits what-so-ever ~grinz evil~
But for now… my mortal form loves the full range of femdom sex and BDSM.
And I’m still burdened with a heart and some degree of conscience…
So you’re somewhat safe, just so long as you remember…
It’s always Dominatrix Cinara who’s the one in control of whatever we do.

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