Femdom Stories – Fool At A Fetish Party

By: Domina Cinara - May 12th, 2010

As an exhibitionist, I obviously love going to BDSM parties…
Not just to show off what I look like and what I’m wearing…
But I also love to play and have sex in public.
Stages are a favorite of mine… with large crowds gathered for the show.

Fool At A Fetish Party – Part I – “Leave The Leash On Until Housebroken”


Femdom Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) So I went to this private fetish party last week (which continued in another form this past weekend but that‘s another story ~winks~). It was for a dominatrix friend‘s birthday and it was pretty crazy, just like I hoped it would be ~grinz~. I did a mess of different people and a wide variety of things to them… things full of dirty details I’m sure you’d all love to know about, but I just don’t feel like writing a ten+ post epic describing them ~tries to pout sympathetically~.

There is one thing I did to a male chastity slave though… not really anything all that special but as it turns out, something that came back to me days later in a rather funny way (I suppose some would call what I did “cruel“ but I often see the words “cruel“ and “funny“ as being somewhat synonymous).

First off, the fetish party was invite only – so it was all people who are serious about the femdom BDSM scene. The Mistresses were lifestyle types, some professionals but all “real” (and there was some very hot custom dominatrix clothing going on – yeah, I love looking at that fetish shit as much as you guys do). The slaves were a mix of male and female, brought by their owners either as personal pets or party favors to be passed around.

So like I was saying, I did a lot of different things – there was a wide variety of toys to play with and objects to use on their flesh. Just about everyone there was on the same page so the atmosphere was near perfect. You could literally move from group to group, room to room and never have your rhythm broken – which is what I love. Like a sadistic dance set to perfect time, smoothly leading the masochistic offerings without missing a beat. One of the very few failings was this annoying male chastity slave who is the star of the story.

I can’t say he truly had an “owner” he was more a male slave in training, brought by one of the ladies for others to torture and be served by… and as you’ll see, she hadn’t done a very good job preparing him for public play.

He had a metal cock cage on that was closed tight but not locked, and over it a chastity belt that hung fully open – yes, it was odd and clumsy in appearance but whatever. The only comment made about him was that he was new to chastity training and had been held in orgasm denial for the prior week or so. The devices were left unlocked to enable others a fuller range of play, with the only stipulation being that his orgasm denial was not to be broken that night – obviously the woman who brought him felt that the experience of the femdom party mixed with all the tease and denial games he would suffer would beneficial to his male chastity training.

(Actually… I think she was just trying to impress others since he was very good looking. But it’s never impressive to see a slave shown off in public before he’s ready… nor does it reflect well on the dominatrix to do so. No matter how good looking, if not pleasing, he’s just common trash. She should have kept him with her all night instead of dumping him into the wasp’s nest like that.)

I didn’t want to be bothered with a slave like that. As a dominatrix I’m under no fucking obligation to pick up every stray dog and “give it a home”… especially when the dog isn’t really a stray, but simply off his leash too soon. Besides, with the quality of women and slaves present I was after things far heavier than cock teasing some newbie who looked as if his Mistress couldn’t decide what to dress him in and so chose to broadcast her indecisiveness by slapping both cage and belt on.

Problem for him was… he couldn’t stop following me around.

And he got a lil pushy when I wouldn’t give him the attention he wanted.

(Don’t get your panties all bent pussy boys – I like training beginners… but not when the slave is very new AND belongs to another. When starting a new sex slave, a dominatrix should tailor his training to her standards and deal with him exclusively herself. If you bring something that new into femdom social settings and dump him off on others without supervising, it’s bound to cause problems – either confusion for him due to the different standards and expectations he‘ll come into contact with, or conflict when he pisses someone off in his cluelessness… especially when you’ve got an ultra serious crew in attendance like that which was at this fetish party.)

(There will be at least one more part to this story… depends how long I ramble when I tell the rest ~grinz~… when it’s up this link will be active – ballbusting stories)

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I can be devious and subtle in how I deal with those who displease me…
But I usually prefer swift, crushing punishment when angered…
Especially if give the opportunity to unleash my wrath in a public place…
Since the added humiliation of a crowd always heightens the punishment’s effectiveness.

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