He Said He Could Handle Brutal CBT… He Was Wrong

By: Domina Cinara - March 7th, 2010

Men like to think they are so very rough and tough…
A nice dose of cock and ball torture brings them back to reality very quickly.
Guess it’s hard to be macho when you’re curled up in a ball crying.
Scared shitless that my thigh high boots might stomp whatever’s left.


Brutal CBT

(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) I thought I’d tell you the story of this dominatrix phone sex call I did last night. Think of it as more of a short cautionary tale than truly one of my femdom stories… a lesson taught and now shared with the class ~grinz~.

So, this guy gets on the phone and immediately tells me he is into brutal CBT and “all kinds of extreme femdom shit.”

Extreme Femdom TortureOh, really ~smiles so sweet~

Now, when I do cock and ball torture… I keep things within limits that fit the male slave I’m with. If he tells me he’s new to CBT, we start off easy… if he says he’s experienced, then I test him to see where he’s really at before taking his claims seriously.

What one person thinks is extreme, may be far different from what another does… and if that other person’s definition is a lot more extreme than yours, you’re in for one hell of an eye opening education ~laughs~.

Any time torture of any form is involved in a femdom session, the dominatrix has to find her own answers regarding the limits of a slave she isn’t familiar with. The line he draws is not the limit… you pull it back even more and see what’s really up before pushing.

But the guy on this particular phone sex call, was all kinds of cocky… big mouth bragging about how he could “handle the most extreme cock and ball torture Domina Cinara can dish out.”

Oh, REALLY ~smiles sweeter~

You want to mouth off… fine… we’ll see who laughs last.

Seems someone needed to be taught a little lesson… in femdom ballbusting… in humility… and most of all, in the proper way to talk to a Domina.

If we had been face to face I would have shown him very quickly just how brutal CBT can be… with him bound and gagged, and me beating and tearing his cock and balls to shreds.

Seriously, you think that little squiggly shit you’ve got between your legs is going to survive the two fisted abuse of a cruel dominatrix in long leather gloves who doesn’t give a crap in hell how loud you scream!?! ~laughs~ And I haven’t even broken out the thigh high boots that are the other half of my favored cock and ball torture ensemble. Once you see those leather clad long legs coming to hurt you, you’ll fast admit the error of your ways… that and probably piss yourself.

But since we were on the phone, I was limited to what I could order him to do to himself… and since we were on the phone, he could stop whenever his full of shit pussy ass couldn’t take it anymore.

We started the femdom CBT off simple… rope bondage around the penis and testicles… sack tied up nice and tight with the bottom half of the cock wrapped and constricted. And of course, I had to have him slap that small package around a bit after he was done, just to make sure the cock and ball bondage would hold ~smiles~

Then I jumped ahead to the sandpaper… can’t have a messy little penis now, can we? A piece of sandpaper, vigorously applied to his cock and balls, slowly removed every offending hair, along with the top layer of skin.

This was followed by a few hard smacks to the testicles with a bare hand… then more than a few harder smacks to the head of the cock with a wooden spoon (had to work with what he had on hand)… and closing with half a dozen ballbusting smacks directly to each testicle with the handle.

Next, a substantial quantity of cayenne pepper mixed with just enough water to create a paste. Paste then applied to freshly sandpapered cock and balls.

Wait for it… wait for it… and yes, such lovely sounds emanate from the male vocal chords when the burn sets in ~grinz~

~turns the sarcasm on~ But that’s not enough… of course not… not for a guy who’s into “brutal CBT” and says he “can handle the most extreme cock and ball torture Domina Cinara can dish out.”

Leftover cayenne paste repeatedly forced into the penis until – what he claimed was “a tablespoon” – had been forced down the shaft. Yeah, right… “tablespoon”… my sweet shaven cunt.

But now this was where we started to have some difficulty.

Prior to this he had gone along with things pretty well. There was some hesitation during the wooden spoon ballbusting… and I heard the first hints of fear in his sweet gasps of pain when the pepper burn kicked in all over his privates. But when the paste was forced into his cock, that’s when the truth of this blowhard was fully exposed… just as I already knew, he wasn’t near as extreme as his babbling bravado claimed.

What a bunch of whining – “Oh, Domina… isn’t that enough… oh my god, this is killing me… oh, please… there’s so much in there… it‘s burning so bad”… blah, blah, blah. And this wasn’t even close to the kind of brutal CBT that gets my sadistic side happy… not by a long shot.

I told him to shut up and be thankful I wasn’t there… that if I was, I’d take the spike heel of my thigh high boot and ram it down his penis, shoving the pepper in as far as it would go.

And of course this was when I finally let loose with the insults.

Cock BitingUntil then I’d said nothing about his tough guy claims. I just proceeded with the cock and ball torture in a cold, methodical way, waiting until the moment I wanted arrived. And now that it had, I ripped into him fully… mocking his bogus claims of being such an experienced femdom CBT player… the extreme pain slut able to handle anything I could dish out.

And once that fragile male pride had been kicked soundly by a woman who holding it in nothing but contempt, the man just has to get himself into more trouble. It always goes that way, like some kind of twisted self-destructive masculine reflex reaction. When I threw his words back at him, of course he had to continue the session. He had to “prove” himself to the dominatrix… but he didn’t get much farther ~laughs~. It was then I dropped the hammer on him, literally… and smashed that inflated ego for good.

Counting the number of times I heard the hammer hit the nails… I’d say he maybe got one in as far as I wanted, a second about half way, and a third not really at all. Then he gave up… begging forgiveness as he admitted he was a stupid male slave that liked to talk shit about brutal CBT… with his scrotum painfully nailed to a board.

But the story doesn’t end there. As punishment I made him rip the nails out – ah, what lovely screams!!! ~smiles dreamy~ – and he had to buy the right to remove each one ~laughs~ $200 each. I wanted to torture him more but he was crying enough already, and he’d learned his lesson plenty.

I mean really… what did this idiot think was going to happen to him, especially when we’re talking about brutal CBT? And truth be told, what I did was what he was hoping for anyway. I have no problem knocking down a man who is trying to bait me, so long as it’s worth my time and I enjoy doing it ~laughs~. As much as he cried and got more than he expected, he loved every bit of it.

He’s in orgasm denial right now – else he’d still be jerking off to what I did to him. When he heals a little, he’ll begin his training under me at a level fitting the sort of pathetic crybaby slave he is.

Here endeth the CBT story… don’t get cocky with a dominatrix who gets off on sadism… especially when your cock and balls are involved.

Domina Cinara
Femdom StoriesErotic Audio
Femdom CBT Phone Sex

To both masochist and sadist, the thought of brutal CBT is exciting.
But it’s not just hurting men that is so enjoyable… so very enjoyable ~laughs~
It’s also training the man, building him to take more and more extreme femdom torture.

Dominatrix Phone Sex

The Absolute Best in Dominatrix Phone Sex – Domina Cinara – 1-877-274-8292
The kind of Brutal CBT Fantasies that make your heart race with fear and excitement.
Read Her Personal Diary – Extreme Femdom Stories and Free Erotic Audio – Then Call Her!

Brutal CBT

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Guided Masturbation – Forced To Stroke On My Order

By: Domina Cinara - March 6th, 2010

A masturbatrix is a type of dominatrix… specializing in guided cock stroking.
But my definition of that title goes far beyond just telling you how to jerk off.
When I take control of a cock, it’s owned by me… and I intend to enjoy it.


Forced Masturbation

(By: Domina Cinara) One of the most common types of phone sex calls I do is guided masturbation, which makes sense considering the medium through which we’re interacting.

But I’m more than just a beautifully cruel dominatrix who knows how to use her sexy voice and perverted mind to make men beg to play with themselves for me… lying there, listening to their delightful suffering as I tease them to that point where they would do anything for an orgasm. Sure, it‘s a lot of fun for me to do… but I have so much more in mind for my possessions.

For me, femdom guided masturbation is the first step to a man giving up total control of his cock to my lasting ownership. When I’ve forced him to submit his sexuality to me, then I really get to play.

For example… I like to make men masturbate for me.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking – like guys don’t beg to do that for me plenty already ~laughs~. No, that’s not what I’m talking about.

What I mean is forced masturbation… I like to make men to masturbate at my command… immediately… dropping anything and everything to jerk off the instant I tell them to.

No matter the time of day… no matter where they are… a message or call from me… and out comes that penis.

If you have to hide it under the desk at work, run to a dirty public bathroom stall, lie to the wife and “go out for groceries” so you can jerk off in the car… I don’t fucking care. You get the command, and the cock stroking begins the instant I say so.

Sometimes it’s just a simple message from me, telling them to go off and jerk it. I’ll just order them to go do it now, specifying if they’re allowed to cum, or if they’re to bring themselves to the edge of orgasm and stop (sometimes I throw in a ruined orgasm just to be a real bitch ~laughs~).

Other times I’ll take them on a full guided masturbation session, forcing them to obey… with how well they follow my commands influencing whether they get permission to cum, or are punished with orgasm denial… or worse.

The result is obviously a more intense form of guided cock stroking… both for the slave and the masturbatrix.

For the guy, it’s a mad rush… the more unexpected the timing of the call, the greater the intensity and excitement for him… especially since the knowledge that he may be called at any time keeps the thought constantly in the back of his head… building anticipation and helplessness, and with that, his state of arousal.

And as for me… forced masturbation is always a lot of fun. If I get the slave boy at just the “right“ moment, it can be flat out hilarious listening to him panic and rush about… but regardless of that… the ruthless level of cock control I have in this kind of femdom session I totally love.

~ ~ ~

If the thought of doing something like this excites you, you should contact me.

I do a semi-scheduled version of forced masturbation with my phone sex callers that we can talk about.

What happens is… the guided masturbation session is setup in advance, everything except the actual time of the call. The only notice you get is the period within which it will occur – usually within 5 or 7 days after we talk… with some reasonable limitations placed on the possible times it could happen just to keep things from getting ridiculous. Then you wait for it to happen… which means you’d better prepare yourself for it, and manage your schedule wisely.

Arranging for multiple or even daily guided masturbation calls at times I choose is possible too… as are prearranged scenarios and fantasies. As long as it sounds interesting to me, I’m willing to listen so don’t be shy ~grinz~.

Masturbatrix Cinara
Femdom StoriesErotic Audio
Forced Masturbation Phone Sex

Beyond the simple cock control your common masturbatrix babbles about…
I want a truly tyrannical ownership of the male slave penis.
The cock existing to fulfill my whim, available at my every beck and call…
Will I punish or will I pleasure? I’ll do whatever the hell I want to you! ~laughs~

Masturbation Dominatrix

Young, Sexy Voice… Uncompromising Sexual Appetite – Domina Cinara – 1-877-274-8292
You’re Going To Jerk Off By My Command… Stroking Exactly The Way I Want You To.
I Am Your Masturbation Dominatrix… And You Will Obey.

Call Me Now… And I’ll Show You How Good An Orgasm Can Really Be…
When You’re Forced To Cum At The Command Of A Beautiful, Dominant Woman.

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Femdom Stories – VII – My Panty Gag Silenced Him

By: Domina Cinara - March 2nd, 2010

Sometimes I just get this near uncontrollable urge to be deep in a man’s ass…
To spread him wide and shove a huge dildo or latex gloved fist in as far as I can.
I don’t care if you admit you masturbate to femdom strapon sex or not.
If I had you bound and bent over… you’d be scared but you’d want it too.

Violated in The Park – Part VII – “My Panty Gag Silenced His Screams


Femdom Stories

Domina Cinara Panties Tease(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) I had him exactly the way I wanted him… handcuffed to the fence and gagged with my panties… helpless and forced to accept whatever I wanted to do to his body.

I stood silently behind him, pausing a moment to look around and see if perhaps someone was watching. I hadn’t seen anyone as we entered the park and nothing had since changed. Shadows from the building and surrounding trees hid us well enough, and our short fight hadn’t produced enough noise to draw any attention.

That’s one of the good things about femdom ballbusting… unlike other types of pain, the nature of this particular sexual assault tends to not produce a lot of noise. When hit hard enough, the effect is so extreme that it actually stifles any vocal response.

I really wouldn’t have minded someone watching, so long as they‘d keep their fucking mouths shut. I’m a shameless exhibitionist and an extreme pervert, and audiences only serve to provoke me even more. It’s part of why I write this diary and the femdom stories within it… I like to tease and arouse, but I also like to shock and even horrify… the thought of unseen watchers in the park only excited me more.

Smiling, I took the huge dildo from my leather handbag, and slipped into the harness.

I took my time… he wasn’t going anywhere and I like to tease myself a little at times like this by letting the anticipation build even more… kinda like the calm before the storm ~grinz~. Besides, he needed to recover a bit before having this strapon forced up his ass ~laughs~.

I know you can imagine how hot I look in thigh high boots, long leather gloves, and a sexy, skin tight dress… with a long, thick strapon hanging between my legs. Trust me, the reality would give you a heart attack, especially if I had you trapped helplessly in bondage like I did this fool… and you saw the aroused, sadistic look I had in my eyes that night.

Forget whatever you think you know about what a strapon dominatrix is like. That porno shit you watch while you’re sitting at the computer is nothing but some actress playing a part. A real life strapon domina, a cruel female sadist who is truly into extreme femdom BDSM, is an entirely different world. Real forced female domination isn’t some kind of cute game played out by the hour… not in a situation like the one in this extreme story. It’s a man learning what it feels like to be weak and inferior… used and discarded by something better than him.

I was going to use him like a cheap anal sex slut. Before, he had stood watching me, wanting to masturbate while I showed him my ass and panties. Now it was me standing behind him, slowly stroking my strapon cock while looking at his ass. The shock of those painful ballbusting punches to the groin had worn off a bit by now. He was starting to struggle again, the fence rattling as he pulled against the handcuffs… while a flood of foul phrased protests were muffled by the panty gag I had forced into his mouth. The nasty grin on my face grew wider as I thought about how he would really have something to yell about in a few moments.

He still had his pants on though, so I walked back to him to take them off. The sound of my thigh high boots crossing the distance to him warned of my approach, and as I stepped behind him one of his legs kicked back to try to hit me.

No… oh, no… none of that shit with me.

I kicked him hard in the back of the offending leg… the tip of my thigh high boot connecting with the soft spot behind the knee. His leg gave out and he grunted in pain, as loud as he could with my panties in his mouth. I grabbed him by his hair, pulling his head back painfully, and told him to go ahead and keep trying to kick me, it would just make me enjoy hurting him all the more. Then I rolled the fingers of my right hand into a ball and punched him in his side… the feel of the skintight long leather gloves connecting with his exposed ribs was just so satisfying… as was the sound of him now choking on my panties as a result. Still holding his head pulled back I asked him in a sweet voice if he liked the taste of my wet pussy now… ~laughs~ and if he wanted me to shove my panties all the way down his throat when I was done.

Reaching around in front of him, I undid his belt a pulled his pants off, forcing them down around his ankles. Then I squatted down and pulled the belt tight again, closing it to restrict the movement of his legs some. The strapon I had on was so big that I’m sure he felt that huge dildo against his bare flesh as I stripped him.

He had a pale baby ass ~laughs~… big tough guy with a soft bare bottom. When I saw that pale white baby butt I just couldn’t help myself. His little pink asshole was like a perfect target painted on sheet of paper. Laughing to myself, I stepped back a bit and then I kicked him directly in his asshole… the tip of my thigh high boot connecting perfectly with his tight hole… I think it even popped in a little bit. Holy shit did that unexpected shot hurt. He jumped up the fence, his hands curling into claws as he screamed. The panty gag again stifled his sounds, but they did nothing to stop the park from being filled with my cruel laughter.

(Part VIII will continue this extreme bondage story… when I‘ve posted it I will activate this link – Femdom Stories )

Strapon Domina Cinara
Femdom StoriesErotic Audio
Femdom Strapon Phone Sex

Even before I got involved with professional BDSM, I loved forced femdom sex.
Stories of my earliest sexual encounters would mark me an obvious predator.
I can’t even describe how it felt the first time I put on a strapon…
I was so excited, I nearly split the young girl I was with in two ~laughs~
Lesbian strapon sex with a cute classmate was my first time wearing a dildo…
But it wasn’t long before my hard cock found it’s way into a young man’s ass.

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Foot Tease Audio – I Love These Sexy Stiletto Heels

By: Domina Cinara - March 1st, 2010

I don‘t know of a single woman who doesn’t love sexy shoes.
We wear things like stiletto heels not just to tease men…
But also because of how beautiful and sexy they make us feel.
Every female enjoys having her feet pampered and lavished with attention.
Foot worship makes a woman truly feel like a beautiful femdom goddess.
It’s a fetish we enjoy just as much as men, in our own way.


Foot Tease Audio

(By: Domina Cinara) I’ve being lying around nearly naked all day… and these sexy stiletto heels I have on have put me in such a playful mood. My puppy slave gave me a wonderful foot massage, and my toes felt so good in her mouth… but now I’m in the mood to tease and slave boy… and you’re not here.

I know the idea of a sexy foot tease drives you just crazy, and I would so enjoy making you squirm right now. That’s why I decided to record this erotic audio, so you could listen to me tell you all about what I want my feet to do to your body. Oh, I’m going to let you worship them… and then I’m going to let them do a lot more than just tease -

Free Erotic Audio – I Just Love These Sexy Stiletto Heels

The only thing that’s missing, is a man’s cock and balls to tease with them.
There’s so much I could do to a man’s body, with 5″ stiletto heels like these…
Naughty or nice… I guess it just depends on how I want to play with you.

You can listen to this foot tease audio as often as you want… but it’s nothing compared to being alone with me on the phone. There you’ll be able to worship me privately and together we can share our mutual love of my sexy feet. You’re not the only one who has a foot fetish… I love being pampered and I could talk about women’s shoes all day long, especially sexy stiletto heels. You’d pass out if you saw how big my collection is… and I’m always looking for lovely new additions.

Domina Cinara
Femdom StoriesErotic Audio
Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Have you ever had a woman stroke your cock with her feet?
Caressing them with the soles, and then pinning the shaft between the arches…
Slowly stroking the full length of your penis while she lies there in front of you…
Long legs stretched out… tight, smooth muscles shifting with each stroke.
Maybe I should do a foot tease audio about that some day…
And maybe I should try some ideas out on you first.


Become The Personal Foot Slave of a Beautiful Woman with Amazing Long Legs.
Worship Your Goddess Now – 1-877-274-8292 – Domina Cinara
I So Very Much Enjoy Men Who Love Sexy Shoes As Much As I Do.

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His Cock Never Grew Up – Small Penis Humiliation Audio

By: Domina Cinara - February 27th, 2010

Well, this obviously isn’t going to be about cock stroking…
You don’t have enough penis down there for me to be bothered with doing that.
Nope, a pathetic male like you can only inspire one type of femdom erotica – humiliation.
And so now I’m going to have to make the little boy cry.
Suck it up shrimp dick… I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve been laughed at.


Small Penis Humiliation Audio

(By: Domina Cinara) So, how many people know about that little secret you hide in your pants? I bet a couple girls have seen it… did they try to pretend they didn’t notice how small your penis is… did they try to be nice and tell you “its okay”… or did they just laugh in your face because it’s so ridiculous?

Well, I’m as honest a humiliatrix as I am cruel… so don’t think you’re going to get any sympathy here. It’s not my fault you have a shrimp dick, you can thank the shit genes your parents passed down to you for that.

But in case your brain is as small as your cock, I’ve recorded a small penis humiliation audio that will tell you exactly how I feel… you’re going to click the link and listen to it right now -

Free Erotic Audio – The Small Cock That Never Grew Up

Trying to talk to a beautiful girl can only lead to humiliation for you.
Seriously, when it comes to sex, you’ve got nothing to offer…
You‘re not really a man… you‘re a little boy whose cock never grew up.

And don’t think you’re going anywhere you pathetic shit… I’m not done with you yet. This recording was just the beginning of your torment. Now do what you’re told and call me so I can laugh in your face. Be glad for the chance to talk to any woman at all, other than your mommy… or are you so fucking pathetic that even she doesnt want anything to do with you?

Whatever, I really don’t care about your sob stories… I have my own plans for you. Maybe I can turn you into something more useful than your tiny manhood looks… something like a laughing stock I can rent out to all-girl parties. You could be the comedy freak they parade around naked so everyone can point at you and laugh.

Humiliatrix Cinara
Femdom StoriesErotic Audio
Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

You aren’t worth teasing… and you‘re barely worth laughing at.
The only reason why I did this small penis humiliation audio is because…
I intend on using you as much as abusing… you worthless little sack of piss.
And if you don’t do every single thing Domina Cinara tells you to…
I’m going to make sure that everyone you know finds out about your tiny little secret.


Cruel Humiliatrix Movies and Pictures Starring Mean Young Girls – Free Samples
Spoiled Princesses Who Know Exactly How To Treat Losers Like You!

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Public Chastity Belt Punishment of a Male Slave

By: Domina Cinara - February 26th, 2010

A chastity belt is more than just a form of punishment and cock control.
It’s often exciting to wear… which is very beneficial to training.
The excitement of being locked a device that removes the ability to touch himself…
Rapidly increases the intensity of the sexual frustration the wearer feels…
Forcing the male slave to quickly learn to deal with these emotions.


Chastity Belt Punishment

(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) I have a male chastity slave who has been very naughty… and I’m pondering what kind of punishment should I drop on his head?

I’ve been keeping him in orgasm denial on and off for the last 3 months… and he’s normally very obedient. The only punishment he’s received before has been in response to the occasional nocturnal emission – I don’t care if you can’t control it, an orgasm is an orgasm… awake or asleep, if I don’t permit it, you don’t have it. Otherwise his slave training has been going very well.

But this time he’s done something extra bad… he had sex with a girl without permission and came inside of her ~puts her Holy Shit! face on~… yeah, I know… what the hell was he thinking!?! This small cock little bitch isn’t good enough to have sex with women, and orgasm denial is an absolute if I say so, no matter what.

Now, he says he couldn’t help it, he got drunk and didn’t mean to. Yeah right, more like he finally found a dim wit bimbo that didn’t laugh herself silly at the sight of his small cock and so he went for it. Unacceptable.

Basic chastity belt punishment isn’t going to do this time… he did a lot more than just cum. Cock and ball punishment would give me a nice sadistic fix, but that’s not enough either… though I’ll probably do plenty of that anyway as a sort of selfish appetizer for me ~grinz~.

I need to do something really evil to him. Something soaked in male humiliation to give a nice, long lasting flavor to the physical suffering I intend for him.

To start with, he’s going to wear a male chastity belt out in public all weekend, over his clothes (it has “I Wear This For Domina Cinara“ clearly written on the front ~grinz~)… and he’ll be forced to go out like that. The shame will eat him alive, but also make his little penis very hard… which that tight device will turn into an appropriately uncomfortable experience for him. He loves femdom humiliation as much as he hates it, and the memory of his shame will continue to both excite and embarrass him for weeks… which will feed the intensity of his coming denial since he won’t be able to masturbate to the memory… and that will help get his chastity training back on course. A good beginning, but chastity belt punishment is only a small start that’s not near enough of an answer for what he did. No one violates orgasm denial with me.

He’ll be on his cell phone with me when he’s out, so I can make sure he goes to heavily trafficked public places… that and I want to hear all the laughing and comments people make – it’ll be so damn hilarious I can’t wait. I love doing shit like this to slave boys.

I’ll make him find people who will talk to me on the phone. There’s always some ballsy young girls who jump at the chance to pick on a guy like this. I’ll make him find them so we can laugh at him together and they can tell me if he’s really doing what I command. He’ll be forced to tell them all about how I own him, why he’s wearing the chastity belt, and just what he did to deserve this punishment.

But I have to do something more to him… a lot more… something not too extreme, but very cruel and creative. What I come up with will be wonderfully nasty for sure.

Domina Cinara
Femdom StoriesErotic Audio
Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

The threat of public humiliation is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of a dominatrix.
The male ego is fragile enough already… it doesn’t handle public embarrassment well.

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My Slut Loves A Strapon Forced Deep In Her Ass

By: Domina Cinara - February 23rd, 2010

Is there really such a thing as an anal orgasm?
You’re damn right there is… both male and female forms.
Though they’re different since the male anal orgasm is driven by the prostate.
But yet… trust me… they exist and I’ve forced them from many an asshole.
Some slaves even say they’re a more intense, extreme form of climax.

Puppy Slave Valentine – Part VI – “Puppy Loves A Strapon Forced Deep


Femdom Stories

(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) There were no complaints from my puppy slut when the strapon forced its way into her ass… excepting that she wanted more of it and faster. I wish I could have seen her face… when a cock enters her behind she has this sexy way of closing her eyes as her mouth opens in a long silent moan. It’s just so fucking hot seeing her like that, especially when her body starts to jerk with each pounding thrust. I love having my pussy eaten while she‘s having anal sex with a stud slave… her expressions are just so fantastic.

The first ring of the strapon went in easily, and her asshole happily swallowed the second just as fast. If you’ve never seen a tight ass stretched around a huge cock you don’t know what you’re missing. Best thing about a ringed dildo is you get to see the asshole stretch and swallow over and over again… and pulling out looks just as good.

I couldn’t resist touching that huge clit of hers again, so I leaned out across her back and reached down with my left hand to play with it as I forced the third ring into her butt. A spasm went through her body and I smiled, knowing she was so close to orgasm. Her breathing immediately became erratic… my puppy panting as I played with her swollen clit while the strapon forced itself deeper into her amazing ass. With each ring, her body bucked against mine… her legs now shaking and her arms spread wide on the bed to better brace herself. The anal slut was going to cum so soon and my pussy wanted to feel it so bad.

I teased her with the fourth ring… almost pushing it in, then pulling back to almost pull the third ring back out. She made little puppy whimpers, begging her strapon domina to feed her ass more… but I just kept teasing her like that for a few minutes, while my fingers enjoyed her huge clit, savoring the swollen feel of it and the heat pouring from her pussy. She was having trouble keeping still, between the strapon in her ass and my fingers massaging her clit, muscles all over her body were trembling and her legs shaking. When I finally pushed the fourth ring inside, her head snapped up and this so-fucking-hot gasping moan erupted from her mouth. I almost came right then.

Lesbian Forced StraponWith almost all of the cock inside of her, I lifted myself up on my toes, legs held straight with arms extended so my body was poised above her ass with only the huge dildo connecting the two of us together… then I let my legs drop so all of my body weight fell down on her… the rest of the strapon forced into her in one nasty push. She cried out at this and almost collapsed… hands clawing at the bed… and a second later the first anal orgasm ripped through her. I just held there, all the way inside of her… the extreme convulsions of her body running through the strapon and up the interior dildo that was inside of my pussy. It was like having the most amazing, living vibrator inside of you, and I sank down against her enjoying every moment of it.

The anal orgasm she had was so strong, that combined with the way I had forced the rest of the strapon into her, she ended up collapsing on the bed, unable to hold herself up any longer. Trapped between my body and the mattress, with a foot of dildo in her ass, my puppy slave was completely helpless… exactly the way I love having her.

For me, there’s nothing like grinding deep down inside of a slave’s ass… the feel of the pressure against my clit is probably my favorite way to cum… and since this strapon had an interior dildo that was deep inside of my soaking wet pussy, riding this slut’s asshole was absolutely amazing. I kept pushing and turning as if there was more that could fit in her… loving the way it felt against my clit, and loving the way the dildo inside of me was shifting around even more. Within a minute of my puppy slut’s anal orgasm, my pussy erupted in one of it’s own. I sank into her, my body draping hers as I savored every second of it… she moaned with pleasure of her own, knowing that her ass had made her domina cum.

But one anal orgasm is never enough for my puppy slut. When I’m not teasing her in orgasm denial, I like to see her cum… but of course, I only allow as many as I choose. Since it was Valentine’s Day, and she had given such a wonderful facesitting performance earlier… I decided to be generous.

The beauty of the anal orgasm for the strapon dominatrix, is that after the slave has one, the ass opens up very nicely, and it becomes perfect for hard pounding anal sex. The dildo doesn’t have to be forced in anymore… it glides much easily, especially with lube.

My puppy slave’s ass is extremely well trained, so even though it had six rings to deal with, once that anal orgasm had loosened her up completely, I was able to fuck her asshole as hard and fast as a well used wet pussy.

Keeping her flat on her belly, I pushed myself up with my arms, and rode her ass so deep, never letting more than three of those fat rings leave her butt. Each thrust I pounded home all the way, going what would have been balls deep if I had any ~grinz~. I wanted her hear her cum again and I didn’t have to wait long. Once she gets started, my puppy slut is like a cum machine. Another anal orgasm saw her digging with her teeth into the blankets, while the one after that made her cry out with these deep howl-like sounds that had me wondering if the neighbors would complain about my “dog”. I grabbed her by the back of the head and buried her face in the blankets, “shushing” her as I fought to keep the rhythm I had going… I was about to cum myself, and messing up the pace like that would just make it take longer. No big deal… by the time the pressure rose enough to burst inside of me, my puppy slut started having another anal orgasm, which made us both cum harder.

I don’t know how long we went on like that… it wasn’t any bogus “hours and hours” like most femdom stories claim… assholes don’t really work like that and we had already been going at it in one form of lesbian domination or another much of the day. We were both more than satisfied by the time I slid the huge dildo out of her ass to roll over on my back beside her.

I was half asleep when she began cleaning the strapon with her mouth and tongue… licking it thoroughly before undoing the straps and carefully removing it from my body. Then she picked the dildo up in her mouth like a bone and trotted off on all fours to put it back where it belongs. I fell asleep before she came back, but when I woke in the morning she was curled up at my feet like a good little puppy slave.

And with that, this lesbian strapon story is complete ~grinz~… The End.

You can find the first chapter of this story here – Puppy Slave Valentine. And visit my Femdom Erotica collection linked on the upper left of this page to find other femdom stories I’ve written along with dominatrix pictures of me and free erotic audio clips I’ve recorded.

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Bondage is a very important part of forced strapon sex.
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But when the act is shall we say, not-so-voluntary… well…
Introducing your unsuspecting “partner” to bondage is a wonderful first step.
Before showing them how it feels to have a strapon forced up their ass.

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