My Slut Loves A Strapon Forced Deep In Her Ass

By: Domina Cinara - February 23rd, 2010

Is there really such a thing as an anal orgasm?
You’re damn right there is… both male and female forms.
Though they’re different since the male anal orgasm is driven by the prostate.
But yet… trust me… they exist and I’ve forced them from many an asshole.
Some slaves even say they’re a more intense, extreme form of climax.

Puppy Slave Valentine – Part VI – “Puppy Loves A Strapon Forced Deep


Femdom Stories

(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) There were no complaints from my puppy slut when the strapon forced its way into her ass… excepting that she wanted more of it and faster. I wish I could have seen her face… when a cock enters her behind she has this sexy way of closing her eyes as her mouth opens in a long silent moan. It’s just so fucking hot seeing her like that, especially when her body starts to jerk with each pounding thrust. I love having my pussy eaten while she‘s having anal sex with a stud slave… her expressions are just so fantastic.

The first ring of the strapon went in easily, and her asshole happily swallowed the second just as fast. If you’ve never seen a tight ass stretched around a huge cock you don’t know what you’re missing. Best thing about a ringed dildo is you get to see the asshole stretch and swallow over and over again… and pulling out looks just as good.

I couldn’t resist touching that huge clit of hers again, so I leaned out across her back and reached down with my left hand to play with it as I forced the third ring into her butt. A spasm went through her body and I smiled, knowing she was so close to orgasm. Her breathing immediately became erratic… my puppy panting as I played with her swollen clit while the strapon forced itself deeper into her amazing ass. With each ring, her body bucked against mine… her legs now shaking and her arms spread wide on the bed to better brace herself. The anal slut was going to cum so soon and my pussy wanted to feel it so bad.

I teased her with the fourth ring… almost pushing it in, then pulling back to almost pull the third ring back out. She made little puppy whimpers, begging her strapon domina to feed her ass more… but I just kept teasing her like that for a few minutes, while my fingers enjoyed her huge clit, savoring the swollen feel of it and the heat pouring from her pussy. She was having trouble keeping still, between the strapon in her ass and my fingers massaging her clit, muscles all over her body were trembling and her legs shaking. When I finally pushed the fourth ring inside, her head snapped up and this so-fucking-hot gasping moan erupted from her mouth. I almost came right then.

Lesbian Forced StraponWith almost all of the cock inside of her, I lifted myself up on my toes, legs held straight with arms extended so my body was poised above her ass with only the huge dildo connecting the two of us together… then I let my legs drop so all of my body weight fell down on her… the rest of the strapon forced into her in one nasty push. She cried out at this and almost collapsed… hands clawing at the bed… and a second later the first anal orgasm ripped through her. I just held there, all the way inside of her… the extreme convulsions of her body running through the strapon and up the interior dildo that was inside of my pussy. It was like having the most amazing, living vibrator inside of you, and I sank down against her enjoying every moment of it.

The anal orgasm she had was so strong, that combined with the way I had forced the rest of the strapon into her, she ended up collapsing on the bed, unable to hold herself up any longer. Trapped between my body and the mattress, with a foot of dildo in her ass, my puppy slave was completely helpless… exactly the way I love having her.

For me, there’s nothing like grinding deep down inside of a slave’s ass… the feel of the pressure against my clit is probably my favorite way to cum… and since this strapon had an interior dildo that was deep inside of my soaking wet pussy, riding this slut’s asshole was absolutely amazing. I kept pushing and turning as if there was more that could fit in her… loving the way it felt against my clit, and loving the way the dildo inside of me was shifting around even more. Within a minute of my puppy slut’s anal orgasm, my pussy erupted in one of it’s own. I sank into her, my body draping hers as I savored every second of it… she moaned with pleasure of her own, knowing that her ass had made her domina cum.

But one anal orgasm is never enough for my puppy slut. When I’m not teasing her in orgasm denial, I like to see her cum… but of course, I only allow as many as I choose. Since it was Valentine’s Day, and she had given such a wonderful facesitting performance earlier… I decided to be generous.

The beauty of the anal orgasm for the strapon dominatrix, is that after the slave has one, the ass opens up very nicely, and it becomes perfect for hard pounding anal sex. The dildo doesn’t have to be forced in anymore… it glides much easily, especially with lube.

My puppy slave’s ass is extremely well trained, so even though it had six rings to deal with, once that anal orgasm had loosened her up completely, I was able to fuck her asshole as hard and fast as a well used wet pussy.

Keeping her flat on her belly, I pushed myself up with my arms, and rode her ass so deep, never letting more than three of those fat rings leave her butt. Each thrust I pounded home all the way, going what would have been balls deep if I had any ~grinz~. I wanted her hear her cum again and I didn’t have to wait long. Once she gets started, my puppy slut is like a cum machine. Another anal orgasm saw her digging with her teeth into the blankets, while the one after that made her cry out with these deep howl-like sounds that had me wondering if the neighbors would complain about my “dog”. I grabbed her by the back of the head and buried her face in the blankets, “shushing” her as I fought to keep the rhythm I had going… I was about to cum myself, and messing up the pace like that would just make it take longer. No big deal… by the time the pressure rose enough to burst inside of me, my puppy slut started having another anal orgasm, which made us both cum harder.

I don’t know how long we went on like that… it wasn’t any bogus “hours and hours” like most femdom stories claim… assholes don’t really work like that and we had already been going at it in one form of lesbian domination or another much of the day. We were both more than satisfied by the time I slid the huge dildo out of her ass to roll over on my back beside her.

I was half asleep when she began cleaning the strapon with her mouth and tongue… licking it thoroughly before undoing the straps and carefully removing it from my body. Then she picked the dildo up in her mouth like a bone and trotted off on all fours to put it back where it belongs. I fell asleep before she came back, but when I woke in the morning she was curled up at my feet like a good little puppy slave.

And with that, this lesbian strapon story is complete ~grinz~… The End.

You can find the first chapter of this story here – Puppy Slave Valentine. And visit my Femdom Erotica collection linked on the upper left of this page to find other femdom stories I’ve written along with dominatrix pictures of me and free erotic audio clips I’ve recorded.

Domina Cinara
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Bondage is a very important part of forced strapon sex.
That’s not to say it’s a necessity… a well trained or well beaten slave will obey.
But when the act is shall we say, not-so-voluntary… well…
Introducing your unsuspecting “partner” to bondage is a wonderful first step.
Before showing them how it feels to have a strapon forced up their ass.

Forced Anal Orgasms

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My Puppy Slut Takes Every Inch – Lesbian Strapon Sex

By: Domina Cinara - February 22nd, 2010

I often change the names and locations in my femdom stories
Especially those that involve forced femdom scenes.
Some of the things I’ve done could get me into quite a bit of trouble.
And my sordid stories must have a happy ending for their heroine.

Puppy Slave Valentine – Part V – “Puppy Takes Every Inch


Lesbian Strapon Sex

lesbian femdom strapon sex(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) I don’t always use lubricant during anal sex… unless you count residual saliva from the mouth fucking I often give a slave before entering his/her ass. I use it during the early stages of anal training, and when I when I want to feel my cock slide easily in and out of a tight asshole. More violent, forced strapon sex with an anal pain slut or someone I just want to hear scream, will be a dry ass fuck for sure… but just because I’m a dominatrix with a lovely sadistic streak doesn’t mean I don’t have lube handy. As for when I’m in the mood to be cruel, I’d say I’m just as rough during lesbian strapon sex as I am with the male slaves I use… like I’ve said before, seeing girls cry turns me on just as much as boys, just in a slightly different way. Besides, the holes I use like rough sex.

As I coated the huge dildo I was wearing with a nice layer of anal lube, I watched as my puppy slut waved her backside slowly back and forth, humming and giggling to herself in anticipation of what was to come. She turned her head to look at me with a smile on her face, and started rocking her ass back and forth as if I was already pounding away inside of her… she wanted her strapon domina to use her slut ass so very badly… and she wanted an anal orgasm just as bad.

Her pussy was soaking wet, and her huge clit had pushed out past the hood… I wanted her asshole to be just as wet as her cunt, so I pushed the tip of the lubricant bottle into her tight hole and gave it a good squeeze. She backed her butt up onto the bottle, trying to get it in further… greedy anal slut. She’d swallow the whole damn thing if given the chance.

The cock I was wearing was about 12 inches long… a glossy black shaft broken by six rings – “for her pleasure” ~laughs~. As I pressed the head of it against her tight young asshole, I braced her butt with my free hand, knowing damn well that she would buck back on the huge dildo the instant she felt it against her – it’s something of a game we play almost every time we have lesbian strapon sex. Sure enough, the greedy slut wanted to feel the strapon forced into her ass as fast as possible, and she tried to lung back onto it the moment it was in position to enter her. With my left hand I pushed her back, as my right slapped the soft flesh of her bottom multiple times, commanding her to be still. Sufficiently scolded, the little puppy slave obeyed, dropping back into proper position while making soft, whimpering sounds. She knew who owned her… and who owned her asshole.

I’ve been training her for lesbian strapon sex since she was a teenager (forced bi anal sex with male stud slaves came later) – she’s not difficult to enter. With my hands on her hips to keep her in place, I forced the tip of the huge dildo into her ass. All it takes is getting inside an inch or two, then an asshole will open up for you easily in no time ~tries to keep an innocent look on her face after typing that~… you just don’t listen if they start whining, unless you’re a cruel strapon dominatrix like me and get turned on by it… then you listen to every single wonderful sound… just not the way they want you to hear it ~grinz evil~

My puppy slave never whines when I enter her ass… she only whines when I make her wait for it.

The final chapter of this lesbian domination story is coming up next… it’s written already and I’ll post it tomorrow here, then I’ll activate this link – forced lesbian strapon sex

Domina Cinara
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Just before her twentieth birthday, I forced my puppy slave to work as a stripper.
This was a couple of years ago, when we were living in San Francisco.
I wanted her trained as an exotic dancer… lap dances, stage and pole.
The exhibitionist in her loved it… and I loved all the money she made for me.
I have a nasty good femdom story I should tell about one night in the strip club.
That one starts as some hot lesbian strapon sex… but then gets very heavy…
When this stupid fucking guy sticks his asshole nose where it doesn’t belong.

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My Slave Tastes So Good And Her Clit Is Huge

By: Domina Cinara - February 20th, 2010

I love watching how my puppy slave gets when she needs sex badly.
I intentionally torture her with orgasm denial to make it even worse.
Like a dog going savage from not being fed…
My puppy slut gets a little crazy when she reaches a certain level of need.
When her huge clit gets all swollen… her tight young ass is best to fuck.
And that’s when I have her go fetch me one of my huge strapon cocks.
She looks so hot crawling back to me on all fours with it in her mouth.

Puppy Slave Valentine – Part IV – “Her Huge Clit Tastes So Good


Lesbian Domination Stories

Hot Slave Girl Ass(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) She looked so hot like that… kneeling on the bed with her face down in the blankets… her arms stretched out before her, wrists submissively crossed as if waiting for me to bind them… her backside up with legs spread slightly apart… ass and pussy willingly offered to me.

When my puppy slut awoke and saw the huge strapon cock I was wearing, she had happily moved into the proper position for her domina to ass fuck her. I stood behind her for a few moments, naked but for the 12 inch long dildo I was wearing, with the 7 inches on the interior of the harness shifting easily in my overly wet pussy. Those thoughts of male slave torture and femdom ballbusting disappeared from my mind as I stared down at that beautiful slave girl bottom.

Such a wonderfully curved ass, with such soft, unblemished skin… I reached out to touch her, letting my long red fingernails gently tease her cheeks as my hands moved in slow circles around her ass. She made a soft whimpering sound and wiggled her butt… impatient for me to enter her… but I just let my fingernails dance softly on her skin, teasing her more.

I knew her asshole was aching for my strapon, and I could see her pussy was already getting very wet. I was teasing myself as much as I was her, waiting like this, letting my long fingernails play with the soft skin of her ass. But when I saw those lips open slightly as she got more excited, I just couldn’t resist.

Dropping down behind her I forced my face between her legs to taste her… my tongue was immediately coated in the warmth and wet of her pussy as it pushed past her lips to lick the hot pink inside. She let out a mix of squeal and moan at this unexpected but welcome intrusion… her ass shifting back on my face, trying to settle it in deeper. I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go, holding it there for a moment, savoring how amazing she felt… then I lifted my head up, parting her lips wide and licking all the way up past her pussy to her ass. I hovered there… kissing and licking the tight hole I would be fucking so very soon. Puppy’s moans changed to a long, deep sigh and her ass shook with a shiver of pleasure. I didn’t shove my tongue into her butt – ass eating and mouth fucking anal sex was for slaves, not a dominatrix – I instead drew teasing circles around the opening for almost a minute before sinking down again to devour her pussy and clit.

My teeth bit and pulled on her lips, gnawing them lightly to make her squirm… but when I felt how swollen her clit was my attention was fixed. My lips closed tight around that oh-so-sensitive, helpless bump… sucking on it to make it swell more as my teeth tried to catch it in their painful embrace. She squirmed a lot more at this and my hands shot out to repeatedly slap her thighs and ass hard, commanding her to stay put. Puppy slave has a wonderfully huge clit – something that really fucking turns me on – and I love to torture it (I should open a lesbian domination and femdom stories blog just about her huge clit and what I do to it ~laughs~… but I‘d probably get little story telling done because just thinking about that monster thing get me all worked up). I knew she would orgasm soon so I timed things just right… playing and teasing her mercilessly close to orgasm before I suddenly stopped.

Pulling my face out from between her legs, I slapped one of her ass cheeks hard again to remind her not to move (actually, I just love slapping ass)… then I walked to the nightstand to get some anal lube. My face was coated in the wet of her pussy… and now my strapon was going to be coated in her tight ass.

Two more parts to go in this femdom story… when the next chapter is up, this link will be active – forced lesbian strapon sex – and that’ll be soon.

Domina Cinara
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I play all sorts of tease and denial games with my puppy slave…
She thinks all of them are cruel… because she’s such a needy slut.
Just like the training of a male sex slave…
Lesbian domination is often best enforced through denial of orgasm.
Tease and denial can make a female just as crazed with need as a male.
And both are so much fun for a cruel dominatrix to manipulate.

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A Huge Dildo For My Puppy Slave – Strapon Dominatrix

By: Domina Cinara - February 18th, 2010

I know most people think you’re sick if you enjoy being cruel…
We’re supposed to be nice to one another… to care and share and whatever.
I don’t have any problem with being nice, it’s just that when I want to be mean…
I’m damn well going to be… and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it…
Because I am a sexual sadist, who can be a very cruel dominatrix
And I make no apologies for embracing that which makes me happy.

Puppy Slave Valentine – Part III – “Sleepy Girl Gets Her Surprise


Femdom Stories

(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) The 7 inches of dildo that were inside of my pussy felt amazing… and I knew they’d feel even better once the external part of the strapon was inside of my puppy girl’s well trained asshole. She was just one room away, and after all the ass licking and facesitting we had done that afternoon, I was aching for the kind of orgasm I get from ramming a huge dildo up a hot slut ass.

strapon latex dominaI’ve had anal sex with more slaves than I can count… and yet I still get flooded with this sexual intensity every time I know there‘s a tight hole waiting for me.

Sometimes it manifests as this dark smile lighting up my eyes… a reflection of that feeling of total control and domination that comes with thrusting a strapon cock into the tight ass of a slave… a light in my eyes that grows brighter and more intense as each inch disappears into that helpless hole. Exhilarating and intoxicating, almost to the point of consuming me, but I still retain a solid degree of restraint… just enough to keep myself from going over the edge.

But other times the feeling is too much… this aggressive mix of single minded arousal and sadistic ache that makes me want to just tear into whatever is before me… ripping it open so I can get as deep inside of it as I can… forcing my cruel domination on it as painfully and absolutely as possible… pounding and thrusting without a thought given to anything but what I desire. I could feel this coming over me as I walked slowly through the apartment… the want to lose control to this dark extreme that’s inside of me… to feed it with the kind of femdom strapon sex sick bastards like myself get off to… just like I have so many times before.

When I got back into my bedroom, I stood silently over my still sleeping puppy slave, slowly stroking the foot of huge cock that hung from the harness I was wearing… enjoying the feel of it in my hands… and loving the way the movement shifted the 7 inch long interior dildo that was inside my pussy. Part of me wanted to tear her ass apart… I have before… I’ve made her cry and scream in pain, tears streaming down her face while her body shook with the kind of uncontrollable convulsions one can only get from a deep anal orgasm. Sobbing hysterically, and yet begging me not to stop… and me not wanting to because what I was doing to her is what I need.

She looked so sweet and beautiful, sleeping softly before me… her body curled in a little ball… soft, thin arms wrapped around her chest… full lips parting slightly with every breath… lost in a happy puppy dream. I hadn’t been in the mood for any heavy lesbian domination. I’d planned on sharing a long night of strapon sex with her… locked together with me inside her pussy and ass… trading orgasms as we moved back and forth with one another in bed. I still wanted that…it perfectly matched the afternoon of softer lesbian domination we’d spent together… but now the demoness inside of me was calling. And I have a lot of trouble saying “no” to it.

What I needed was a male slave here with us. My head was spinning with the want to hurt someone… and if I had a male slave tied in the corner right now I could let the sadism rage all over him. Puppy would wake up and watch from the bed… making excited noises as she urged me on… laughing happily at his cries for mercy… jumping down to crawl next to him so she could use her teeth to bite as my hands did horrible things to his naked body.

I realized my hands had begun clawing at the huge dildo I was wearing… no longer stroking, but instead twisting and crushing in unconscious reaction to the thoughts that were in my head… mimicking what I imagined I would be doing to the real cock of a male slave if I had one here… and I was making far more noise than before.

I looked down and saw her eyes open… and my lovely puppy slave saw the look in mine. Her lips curved into a knowing smile as she rolled over onto her belly… her arms stretching out before her, crossing at the wrists as if to be bound… her ass lifting itself up to me.

I‘ll finish the rest of this lesbian story soon… I’ve got myself in a mood and I’m going to go satisfy it now. When this link is active – femdom strapon sex – the rest will be here.

Domina Cinara
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When I have more time I‘ll record some long erotic audio clips…
Edited versions of femdom stories like those that will be posted here.
But what I’d really like to do is a full guided masturbation session…
With step by step instruction… even if the timing is hard to do in a recording.
Of course, it will probably have a nasty good orgasm denial ending ~grinz evil~

Lucky Sex Slaves Get Used

Cruel Dominatrix Pictures – Extreme Femdom Stories – Exploited Sex Slaves
Free Leather and Latex Picture Gallery – Dozens of Free Sample Movies.

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Puppy Slave Gets Her Reward – Lesbian Domination

By: Domina Cinara - February 17th, 2010

One of the many possibilities within female domination is objectification.
This is essentially a training process intent on the transformation of a person…
From human individual to object used for its owner’s pleasure.
My puppy slut is a variation on this, being a young girl reduced to animal state…
Further conditioned to be a highly sexual object existing for my use.

Puppy Slave Valentine – Part II – “Puppy’s Huge Surprise


Lesbian Domination Stories

Lesbian Anal Sex(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) After a wonderfully exhausting Valentine’s Day afternoon of facesitting and ass worship, I curled up into a ball with my puppy slave and fell asleep for a few hours. The best thing about lesbian sex is that girls can go at for what feels like forever, enjoying orgasm after orgasm… and that’s exactly what we had done. A nice nap would get us ready for the second half of the day’s festivities, where I would be doing the driving ~grinz~.

(The sexual performance of the male is obviously much more limited in duration than that of the female, no matter what any bloated bag of penis having hot air would like to think. It’s another example of the obviousness of female superiority, and another reason why men only have worth as slaves. A dominatrix can find an equal in one of her own sex… but the only way she can truly enjoy the inferior male is by having him kneel at her feet. Sex with a man is meant to be sadistic and exploitative… the woman using and abusing the whole of the male slave body for her pleasure.)

I awoke before she did… lazy puppy would sleep all day if I let her… and I carefully climbed out of bed, making sure not to wake her, so I could go get her surprise.

Now, as I said in my last post – my puppy girl loves femdom strapon sex… actually she loves anal sex in general but it‘s her beautiful strapon domina she craves most of all. Every time I buy a new dildo, she begs and whimpers to have her dirty hole be the first it’s used on (I’d say there are lesbian domination stories I could tell involving her and just about every dildo, butt plug, latex fist, set of anal beads, etc. that I own ~laughs~). For Valentine’s Day I had bought a huge dildo just for her… a foot of thick glossy black shaft with 6 evenly spaced rings… and another 7 inches set on the inside that would fit nicely inside of my pussy.

I knew the size and shape of it would make her asshole ache with an uncontrollable need for anal sex the instant she saw it. Her eyes glass over when she sees I have a big cock for her, and she starts panting and yipping as the craving in her body takes over. She has such a greedy slut ass… I’ve seen her literally claw at other slaves to be the first to get a big shaft inside of her. There have been times that I’ve had to beat her back into place when she gets to be too much. Collar and leash are a must for her during any kind of group sex. It’s not that she lacks discipline – I trained her to be this way. I want her to be a sex obsessed puppy slut, and I love it when she gets out of control due to it. A few good slaps and a hard yank on her leash usually brings her around.

It took a little time to get into the strapon harness – double ended dildos always take a little adjusting to set right. My pussy and clit were still very sensitive from our earlier femdom facesitting session… so sliding the interior shaft inside of me felt almost too good. As I was pulling the harness straps tight, a few inches of the dildo popped back out… pushing it back in felt so good that I ended up standing there a few minutes with my legs spread wide, sliding the dildo in and out of my wet pussy. I could have had another orgasm then, but I wasn’t going to waste myself on masturbation when my puppy slave’s asshole was waiting for me in the other room.

I forced the interior dildo in my wet pussy as far as it could go, then I finished setting the harness on me tight to keep it deep in. Wearing nothing but that double harness, with twelve inches of strapon cock bouncing between my legs, I walked back into my bedroom to where my puppy slave still slept.

This was going to be a two part story but it’s going to take at least a third to finish… when this link is active – lesbian domination – the next post will be up.

Domina Cinara
Femdom StoriesErotic Audio
Strapon Dominatrix Phone Sex

When I was still a teenager learning about BDSM, I had an interesting conversation with another dominatrix on the topic of lesbian domination.

Since a male slave is just an object, you can use one on a female slave and still call it lesbian domination. The focus is on what the dominant woman is doing to the submissive girl. The male is just an irrelevant animal – a device being used by the dominatrix on the female slave. The key point is that while the sex act itself would be forced heterosexual… the overall scene would still be that of lesbian domination.

Just like a forced bi session under the direction of a dominatrix is still a female domination scene… even if it’s anal sex between two men, the domina is the one directing.

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A Present From My Puppy Slave – Femdom Facesitting

By: Domina Cinara - February 15th, 2010

My puppy slave is such a dirty slut… a sexual object I own completely.
And she’s the best damn lesbian facesitting whore in the world.
I’ve been training her tongue for pussy and ass worship for years…
There’s no place her face loves to be more than buried between my legs.

Puppy Slave Valentine – Part I – “My Puppy’s Amazing Tongue”


Femdom Facesitting Stories

(By: Domina Cinara) So last night was Valentine’s Day and I decided to spend it with my dirty little puppy slut. She get’s mushy around holidays like this, and I knew she really wanted to spend it alone with me. Not so much a night of heavy lesbian domination, as a demonstration of worship and devotion from a slave girl to her beloved dominatrix.

For those of you who don’t know who she is, suffice it to say for now – this girl is my personal property… she’s lived with me for years now… she’s trained as a puppy slave and a slut toy… she was a lesbian but I‘ve since forced her to be bisexual – or in other words, as my property, I define her sexuality… she begs me constantly for anal sex, especially my strapon forced deep in her ass… she loves femdom facesitting (mixed with bondage so she can be trapped under my pussy)… she’s something of a pain slut and an extreme exhibitionist… I don’t let her wear clothes often, and when I do it’s usually strips of leather, latex or slut lingerie… she has a beautiful, frail voice but I rarely let her speak… she’s purely submissive to me, but I let her “switch” with other slaves as I choose… I sometimes let her get involved in my femdom sessions, and she has a savage love of brutal ballbusting… I torture her regularly with orgasm denial until she‘s frantic with need – I love seeing her get wet and needy!

In other words… she is literally a slutty female puppy slave… bred for sex and any kind of play surrounding it, nothing else. She’s my pet, my property and she exists for my amusement and pleasure alone. (I’ve written about my puppy slave before elsewhere, and I’ll write something more detailed about her here in the future… I also love telling stories about her so there will be plenty of those ~grinz dirty~)

Now, since she has no possessions, and I don’t allow her to do any household chores, the only gifts she can give me involve her body. So, we spent the afternoon nude together… in bed and in the bathtub… with her tongue all over me for hours on end. Every single inch of my body, from feet and legs to neck and lips, felt her worship… her mouth sucking my nipples and kissing my pussy, slowly tracing a path down to the tips of my toes… sucking and biting and licking all the way… her face always finding its way back between my legs… mmhhhmmm ~laughs~. Such an eager little puppy tongue, and to make sure she didn’t miss a single spot, the hot slut went over the surface of my body more times than I can remember… such a good, good girl ~smiles~.

Forced Lesbian FacesittingBut I knew what she really wanted to do… so after that long, very thorough tongue bath was done, she made whimpering noises and gestures to indicate how hungry she was and what she wanted to eat… and I was more than willing to feed her… you see, no one does ass worship better than my puppy slave, and as I let her eat, her tongue worked it’s way so deep inside of my asshole I thought my pussy was a dam that had burst.

We started with me on top of her, smothering her with my ass. When I got close to my first orgasm I forced my butt down so hard on her face she couldn’t possibly breathe… completely crushing and smothering her, and yet her tongue kept hard at work on my tight hole. She’s been well trained in lesbian facesitting so she knows how my body reacts to her mouth, especially when I‘m about to cum. She performs perfectly, knowing when to hold her breath so the need for air won’t disturb my orgasm. I usually push it though, because I love to see her panic, so after I cum I hold her down longer than she can take… when she finally starts to writhe beneath me, desperate for air, I grind my butt down even harder… seeing her legs start to frantically kick usually makes me cum again in seconds.

Then we moved from facesitting to me flat on my belly as she tried to fuck my ass with her tongue. I let her use her hands to spread my cheeks wide and she buried her face in between them… puppy slave’s hot mouth so eager to kiss and lick my ass. I could feel how wet her pussy was as she did it… the dirty slut wrapped her legs around one of mine and started rubbing her pussy up and down against the back of my leg while she was eating my ass. Bad puppy often tries to hump my leg, but I liked feeling how hot and wet she was so I didn’t stop her… besides, her tongue felt too good in my hole to disturb. Locked together like that, with her face deep in my ass, we both came together I don’t know how many times.

A thoroughly excellent present for her domina… total oral body worship, outside and as far inside of me as puppy could get.

For someone who hadn’t done anything other than lie there and cum, I was exhausted by the time she was done… so as the sun set we took a nap for a couple hours… then I got up and gave her my present.

The next part of this lesbian domination story will be linked to from here – facesitting stories – when it’s done and up.

Domina Cinara
Femdom StoriesErotic Audio
Facesitting Dominatrix Phone Sex

I don’t discriminate between male and female when it comes to ass worship.
A tongue that has benefited from excellent training is always a welcome toy.
Of course female slaves are usually better at licking and eating another woman.
But with men, forced ass worship and femdom facesitting is just so much fun.
With lots of extreme ass smothering abuse to make them squirm ~laughs~

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Tags: Ass Worship, Femdom Erotica, Femdom Facesitting, Femdom Stories, Lesbian Domination, Puppy Slave
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Want To Know What I Like About Orgasm Denial?

By: Domina Cinara - February 12th, 2010

So you want me to take total control over that cock, do you?
Well, I’d better warn you… the kind of tease and denial games I play…
Are all about you being frustrated and needy, and me enjoying it.
And I will slap you the hell down if you bitch once about it.


Orgasm Denial

(By: Strapon Domina Cinara) So yesterday I mentioned something in passing about long term orgasm denial and a couple of male chastity slaves I’ve been making suffer horribly these last few weeks. Boy did that get a response ~laughs~. All these IMs start coming in from guys begging for my “help”… chronic cock strokers who need masturbatrix Cinara to take control of their bad behavior and bring a little penis discipline into their pathetic lives.

I love it when men beg me to be cruel to them… it’s so friggin’ sexy!

But I get these questions about what “type” of orgasm denial I like to do, and what style of tease and denial games I like to play… as if it’s expected a masturbatrix comes with a limited menu.

It’s not a matter of type or style… it’s a matter of control. For me, the possible means to achieving female domination through orgasm denial isn’t limited to a few different training approaches and a handful of techniques. That’s not just because I’m a lot more creative than that… it’s also because if I did things the same way over and over again, that would be like eating the same meal every day. It might have been your favorite at one time, but if it becomes routine, it gets boring real fast.

I don’t like being bored… I enjoy this shit and want to have fun with it. Sometimes I like having things very structured (especially when something like key holding or chastity belt punishment is involved)… other times I like to just run with it, reacting from moment to moment to how the guy is reacting to me. I like to be creative and involved, and I don’t lack the confidence to get the results I desire.

This applies to both tease and denial games played during a single phone sex session… and techniques used in long term slave training.

With long term orgasm denial, I guess I could describe it this way… sometimes I like to let my fist close slowly around a man, engulfing him almost without him realizing is, making him fall helplessly under my control in so subtle a way that when I finally let reality hit, it’s like his world fell out from under him.

Other times I like to just reach out and grab the guy immediately, leaving him no options from the very start… coldly crushing him in strict femdom orgasm denial with no care at all. Brutal, uncompromising female domination like a hammer falling repeatedly, smashing him down until all that is left is whatever I decide should remain, and whatever I choose to build in him.

And there are plenty of other options between each extreme.

Whatever my approach, by the time I’m done I intend to have that fist closed so tight around him that I’ve become an obsession, with my every whim being his utmost desire. That’s how bad he needs to please me… how much he is thinking about me… and how completely I own not just his cock, but every aspect of him I choose.

In terms of tease and denial games and techniques used to achieve this… if you’re going to really manipulate a man and truly take cock control… you’ve got to get deep inside of his head so he’s totally overwhelmed. You can’t do this the same way with every guy. You’ve got to pick him apart and see what makes him tick.

That’s what I enjoy doing.

Hell, so long as I get what I want and have fun doing it… why would I care if he ever has another orgasm again?

No… I’m not kidding.

Domina Cinara
Femdom StoriesErotic Audio
Tease and Denial Phone Sex

What I’ve described here isn’t limited to just orgasm denial.
The same basic principles apply to female domination across the board.
Especially in terms of the goals set by the dominatrix…
And the general techniques used to make a man the slave he should be.

Listed Under: Female Domination, Tease and Denial
Tags: Chastity Belt Punishment, Cock Control, Masturbatrix, Orgasm Denial
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