Sexual Impalement – My Love Of Extreme Anal Sex

April 29th, 2010

In one of my past femdom stories I mentioned the subject of anal impalement and my love of that fetish. I couldn’t get into details there, since I had a story to finish telling at the time, but what little I said attracted quite a bit of curiosity. So I decided to write a bit more about this torture fetish and what I like about it, along with possibly a few short stories describing some of the sexual impalement scenes I’ve been a part of. Obviously, my interest in this fetish fits well into my love of femdom strapon play and extreme anal sex, since all of these things share a common theme […]

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Femdom Stories – XI – Forced Bi Gangbang Whore

April 11th, 2010

Forced BiNo more messing around… I wanted to cum and I was going to use my strapon to ride his ass all the way to orgasm. Lost in what I was doing and how good it felt, I didn’t notice that we now had company – not exactly unexpected considering we were in a public park and I had him handcuffed to a fence. When I was done with his asshole, a male voice spoke behind me, asking if he and his friends could have “a turn on that pussy”. What did I care ~laughs~ I’d taken his anal virginity and his ass was ready for more cock… a forced bi gangbang would do him good. Of course he didn’t think so – he looked absolutely terrified, but handcuffed and gagged like that left him with no choices. When they started talking about anal creampies and forced cum eating, I knew this was going to be real good ~grinz~ [more…]

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Femdom Stories – X – Anal Domination Makes Me Cum

April 10th, 2010

I was pissed that this bastard had cum without my permission… and even more pissed he had dropped his filthy load all over my beautiful long leather gloves. I took my anger out on his ass… slamming the huge dildo deep inside of him over and over again. I was going to have my orgasm… and I was going to punish him for cumming without permission in the process. The strapon dominatrix uses you for her pleasure… not the other way around. Welcome to true female domination and superiority. Fool yourself into thinking otherwise and things will get very painful for you and your asshole… and I’ll just enjoy myself all the more as you‘re forced to learn your place as an anal slut […]

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Femdom Stories – IX – Anal Impalement On My Cock

April 8th, 2010

The concept of anal impalement really turns me on… I think that’s part of why I like forced anal sex so much. The thought of driving a long, thick shaft up the ass of a helpless, bound slave makes my pussy wet and my blood run hot. The extreme version of this fetish I couldn’t realistically do… so I satisfy myself in ways like those I describe in my femdom stories. The one I’m telling now is a prime example of what I mean. Even writing about how I drove my huge dildo up his ass as he writhed in pain makes me wet now ~grinz~ I’ve played with myself a bunch of times, thinking about how I impaled him on my cock just the way I describe here… extreme forced femdom scenes like that bring me to orgasm so very easily ~laughs~ […]

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Tags: Anal Sex, Femdom Stories, Huge Dildo, Long Leather Gloves, Sexual Impalement, Strapon Dominatrix
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Femdom Stories – VIII – Raped By A Strapon Dominatrix

April 1st, 2010

Strapon StoriesUnless you’re a female sexual sadist like me, you can never fully understand what it feels like to have a man helplessly under your control. How it feels to feed on his vulnerability and fear, knowing you can do anything you want to him… with your own selfish pleasure your only guide. The extreme desires of a strapon dominatrix fulfilled by the tight virgin asshole of a man who has been forced to submit to her. Bondage leaving him with no options, and physical abuse breaking his body and will to a point where fear of the inevitable is all that is left to him. I can cum so hard from femdom strapon sex, and I was going to use this guy’s ass to get myself off good [more…]

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Tags: Anal Sex, Dominatrix, Femdom Stories, Huge Dildo, Strapon Dominatrix
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My Slut Loves A Strapon Forced Deep In Her Ass

February 23rd, 2010

The extreme anal orgasm my puppy slut had was so strong, that combined with the way I had forced the thick shaft all the way into her ass, she ended up collapsing on the bed, unable to hold herself up. Trapped between my body and the mattress, with a foot of dildo in her ass, she was completely helpless… exactly the way I like her. I rode her tight bottom with her pinned below me like that… hard driving lesbian domination bringing us both to orgasm multiple times. She opened up so nicely for me that nothing had to be forced into her wide open hole… the full length just slid in and out of her easily… me keeping it deep inside of her the whole time. That’s the kind of anal sex a strapon dominatrix likes when she’s in the mood to deep down fuck a slave and get off to it herself […]

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My Puppy Slut Takes Every Inch – Lesbian Strapon Sex

February 22nd, 2010

Her pussy was soaking wet and her huge clit was so swollen it had pushed out past its hood. She wanted me in her ass so badly that as soon as she felt the tip of the dildo touch her tight young asshole, she immediately tried to back up on it and force it in herself. Such a greedy anal slut. She does the same thing every time we have lesbian strapon sex, but it amuses me so I allow it. As her dominatrix and owner, I trained her to be a dirty puppy slut… it’s to be expected that she would want to feel my strapon forced into her ass as soon as possible. It was nothing a few sharp slaps from my hand couldn’t handle. I loved seeing her all charged up like that… but I enter an asshole when I want to. […]

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Tags: Anal Sex, Huge Dildo, Lesbian Domination, Puppy Slave, Strapon Dominatrix
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