Femdom Stories – VII – My Panty Gag Silenced Him

March 2nd, 2010

I’m sure you can imagine how hot I look in long leather gloves and thigh high boots with a huge dildo hanging down between my legs. But it was the look in my eyes that would have really caught you. Forget whatever you think you know about what a strapon dominatrix is like. That porno shit you watch is nothing but some cheap sex actress playing a role. A real life strapon dominatrix… a cruel female sadist who is truly into extreme femdom BDSM… is an entirely different world from whatever nonsense you’ve seen. Real forced female domination isn’t some kind of cute game played out by the hour… not in a situation like the one in this extreme story. It’s a man learning what it feels like to be weak and inferior… used and discarded by something better than him […]

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Tags: Ballbusting, Femdom Stories, Huge Dildo, Long Leather Gloves, Panties, Strapon Dominatrix, Thigh High Boots
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Femdom Stories – VI – Ballbusting and Forced Bondage

February 6th, 2010

Little did this pathetic fool know that the kind of forced anal sex I had in mind didn’t involve my ass getting penetrated by his huge cock. What I was aching for was the exact opposite… I was going to bend him over for some hard driving femdom strapon sex, with me doing the penetrating and him doing the screaming… and the more he was forced to take it, the better. But first, I would have to incapacitate my unsuspecting playmate… a skillful demonstration of extreme ballbusting would take care of him just fine. My thigh high boots were just itching to meet his groin. It’s stories like this that get my pussy really hot and wet [more…]

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Listed Under: Ballbusting Stories, Forced Femdom, Strapon Sex
Tags: Anal Sex, Ballbusting, Bondage Sex, Dominatrix, Femdom Stories, Huge Dildo, Panties, Strapon Dominatrix, Thigh High Boots
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Sissy Audio – Are Those Your Sissy Panties?

January 24th, 2010

Looking cute and sexy is no excuse for stealing my panties, young lady! I know you‘ve had far better training than that, but it appears you‘re a sissy slut that is seriously in need of a very painful lesson in good manners. Now let‘s see that tender bottom, little miss… I have a paddle that wants to help me teach you to be a proper lady. Go ahead and cry… you’ll get no sympathy from me you bad, bad girl […]

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Listed Under: Erotic Audio, Sissy Training
Tags: Panties, Sissy Audio, Sissy Slut
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